Chic Shelters

For more than 30 years, Litchfield Industries, Inc. has manufactured some of the finest quality shelters, gazebos and site furnishings in the industry. Recently, Litchfield pioneered the development of an all-new paint finish, the Litch-Kicker. This paint system is an innovative approach to finish coating for prefabricated heavy-duty tubular steel outdoor structures and site furnishings. Other new items from Litchfield include its four new shelter products: the Magical Midway Carousel Houses, the Coastal Collection: Shelters by the Shore, the durable and elegant Eurbana Transit Shelters, and the Prairie Pavilions, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright architecture.

Litchfield Industries, Inc.: 800-542-5282

Performance Pumps

Pentair Pool Products offers the new EQ SeriesTM Commercial Pumps for commercial water applications. Offered in single- and three-phase 60-hertz models, the EQ is a cost-effective, high-performance plastic pump that compliments Pentair's other products. Put through rigorous design, development and testing, the pumps are built to last and created to be efficient, quiet, lightweight and corrosion-resistant. At the heart of the EQ's performance is its innovative impeller design, which allows the system to move more water more quickly than comparable pumps. It also means the pump's motor doesn't work as hard and, as a result, runs cooler and lasts longer.

Pentair Pool Products: 919-775-4206, ext. 332

Shooting Water

This crocodile head turns 90 degrees and shoots a gentle spray of water, providing an interactive imaginative play activity. Create your own water shooting gallery. Place him in front of six Aquajeux orientable jets that can be programmed to come on and off at random by the Aquajeux computerized user-friendly controller. Aim at the water as it shoots up from the Orientable Jets. Aquajeux Controller is fully programmable on site by you.

Aquajeux: 888-441-2040