Seat Selection

UCS, a leading manufacturer of track-and-field equipment also produces premium seating. The Closed Deck Modular Bleachers boast an all-aluminum construction and tubular understructure, 4-foot-wide stairs with aluminum rails, and your choice of powder-coated or anodized finish. The UCS bleachers meet all local and national codes. They assemble easily for indoor or outdoor use and have the ability for future expansion or addition of platforms and ADA-accessible ramps. Choose from a variety of colors and capacities.

UCS, Inc.: 800-526-4856

Bleacher Seats Here

Kay Park Recreation Corp. offers seating for all your needs. Bleachers with either aluminum or galvanized-steel understructures come in three-, five-, eight- and 10-row sizes. Planking includes wood, aluminum, vinyl plastisol or fiberglass in various lengths. Tip and roll mobility units are available to provide mobility for special events or multipurpose settings. Kay Park has been manufacturing fine park equipment since 1954, with high-quality materials and skilled U.S. craftsmanship.

Kay Park Recreation Corp.: 800-553-2476

Open and Shut Space

The new Spring Assist Technology (SAT) folding bleacher system aids in folding to provide compact storage for your bleachers. It's a no-nonsense approach to bleacher design and offers exceptional features not seen before in this price range. It allows for compact folding without the complexity of accordion-style bleachers. The portable SAT bleacher offers flexibility in times of change. To aid in storage and for quickly rearranging for different events, each section of folding bleachers is carried on six non-marking 5-inch polyurethane wheels.

Pro-Bound Sports: 800-525-8580

Increased Capacity

Aimcon's indoor and outdoor bleachers are custom-designed and manufactured with the heaviest extrusions in the industry to ensure stability and durability. The newest design is the Arena Lobby Bleacher designed to enhance the seating capacity of most arena lobbies while still providing for figure skating and recreational skaters. AIM bleachers are custom-designed and based on the needs of the facility in order to maximize sightlines and capacity. Some aspects of Aimcon's Grandstand bleachers are now incorporated into the indoor installations to provide a stronger, more efficient seating structure.

Aimcon: 800-273-6204

Outdoor Seating

Sturdisteel Company is an industry leader in the design, fabrication and installation of outdoor stadium seating. With thousands of projects across the country, Sturdisteel has a team with the experience to assist you with your seating project.

Sturdisteel Company: 800-433-3116

Spectator Seating

Seating Solutions specializes in the sales, rental and timely installation of custom-designed spectator seating. Your seating system is designed only after considering all the factors that affect your particular application: the specific event or sport; location of spectators, sightlines, entry and exit positions; and your budget. The small price difference between a Seating Solutions installation and another company's results in a higher level of comfort, easier access and maximum safety. This gives you a more successful event. There's value in knowing that the seating you purchase or rent is designed for your specific situation.

Seating Solutions: 888-959-7328

Silver Seats

Southern Bleacher sets the standard with its galvanized-steel frame-type bleachers. Silver Edition units are available in five-, 10- and 15-row elevated units and in five-, 10- and 15-row nonelevated units. Each model starts at 21 feet and can be lengthened at six-foot increments. The bleachers provide code-compliant aisles to allow spectators to move throughout the bleacher with ease. In addition, the units also address spectators in wheelchairs. Southern Bleacher's superior workmanship is your solid investment. Call its knowledgeable sales team.

Southern Bleacher Co.: 800-433-0912

Contoured for Comfort

Southern PikNikĀ® Benches offer maximum comfort and durability. The exclusive "comfort-contoured" seating makes them some of the most comfortable outdoor/indoor benches on the market. The aircraft-grade aluminum components mean the benches are among the most durable you can buy. Southern Aluminum backs them with a 99-year warranty, one of the longest in the industry. Southern PikNikĀ® Benches are impervious to all weather conditions and have wear-resistant powder-coat finishes. You can choose 6- or 8-foot lengths, portable or permanent mount, with or without backrests, and a variety of vibrant colors.

Southern Aluminum: 800-221-0408