Profit from Pilates

Balanced Body, one of the world's largest manufacturers of Pilates equipment, offers the new Allegro Tower of PowerTM , a complete reformer, half-trapeze and mat system that retrofits the Allegro Reformer. The Tower of PowerTM expands the versatility of the Allegro, allowing clubs to increase the scope of their Pilates programs and maximize the profitability. Balanced Body has collaborated with its education partners to offer programming that combines the moving reformer carriage with the stable half-trapeze. The Tower of PowerTM can be ordered as a complete system, including 14-inch Allegro Reformer, tower with detachable springs and bars, and drop-in mat.

Balanced Body Inc.: 800-PILATES

No More Water Woes

Rain Bird Corporation's commercial division offers a line of Lake Management Aerators that help maintain good water quality in small lakes and ponds while adding aesthetic appeal. Poor water quality results in unsightly algae buildup, aggressive weed growth, unpleasant odor and depleted fish populations. When the water is used for irrigation, these conditions can create problems such as clogged sprinkler heads, valves and pumps; damaged turf; and a loss of water storage capacity. Rain Bird aerators feature surface spray units, which help maintain the ecological balance by providing vertical circulation and introducing oxygen to the water.

Rain Bird: 800-984-2255

Top-Grade Turf

Jacklin Seed, a world leader with a 70-year history in turfgrass seed, now offers a Kentucky bluegrass variety that scored No. 1 in recent National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) trials. Nu Destiny Kentucky bluegrass placed first among 173 entries in overall turf performance. NTEP strives to coordinate uniform evaluation trials of turfgrass varieties and promising selections across the United States and Canada. Nu Destiny's top scores were a result of its No. 1-rated summer patch and brown patch resistance and its durable dark green, dense turf. Another 25 Jacklin-bred varieties scored in the top 33 bluegrasses.

Jacklin Seed, A Division of Simplot: 800-688-7333

Aquatic Matting

Featured at the U.S. Olympic Swimming Team Trials in Long Beach, Calif., and the FINA World Swimming Championships in Indianapolis, PEM Aquatic Matting is a versatile product utilized not only on pool decks but also locker rooms, showers, bridges, steps, walkways, decks, ramps, steps, splash play areas and playgrounds. It features a textured, slip-resistant surface, porous design, and soft PVC construction for safety and comfort.

PEM Aquatic Matting: 800-783-2358

Natural Stride

FreeMotion Fitness offers its latest innovation in its NordicTrack Commercial Cardio line. The 9600E Elliptical Trainer boasts one of the most natural movements in the smallest effective footprint available and marks the introduction of the new Workout TVTM Console series. The innovative rear-access design makes it easy for users to enter and exit the 9600E and allows facility operators to place the units closer together. Its patented footpath creates a natural stride, simulating the natural motion of walking. The 9600E is available with both the Basic and new Workout TV Console, with 12.1-inch screen.

FreeMotion Fitness: 877-363-8449

Fitness Equipment Fixes

The fall 2004 SPORTSMITH catalog, now 148 pages, features one of the fitness industry's largest selection of value-priced OEM and OEM-quality replacement parts and products. The catalog provides parts for all major equipment brands including Life Fitness, Star Trac, StairMaster, Precor and Schwinn, plus a wide selection of innovative strength and personal-training products. You can expect up to 30 percent off OEM prices on products ranging from treadmill belts to dumbbell racks, electronic boards to medicine balls. Equipment mats, tools, lubricants, cleaners, and accessories, as well as cable attachment bars and pulleys are also available.

SPORTSMITH: 800-713-2880

Pool Protection

Quaker Plastic Corporation introduces its new Silent Watch DogTM safety fence for swimming pools. The removable barrier fence is composed of 48-inch-high sections with rigid posts that have no exposed screws that might cut a child. The posts are connected with brass safety latches, making it possible to enclose any shape pool and any size pool area. Made from weather-proof, tear-resistant mesh fabric, the fence is lightweight for easy installation and removal and comes with an optional self-closing, self-latching gate that can be placed anywhere within the fence. Silent Watch DogTM sections roll up easily for convenient storage.

Quaker Plastic Corporation: 717-285-4571

Pop in a Video Screen

As a way to meet growing demand in the rental market for high-quality and durable video screens, Lighthouse Technologies, Ltd. offers the new LVP1950F 19mm light emitting diode (LED) pixel pitch video display panels. Ideal for large-size outdoor applications, these LVP1950F provides superior color reproduction, 14-bit technology and M4 uniformity control. The screen is packaged in sleek, lightweight panels that allow for easy installation and breakdown. Other features include 5,000 nits brightness, 140-degree horizontal viewing angle, 51-degree vertical viewing angle and 4.4 trillion color capability. Lighthouse offers a full line of LED screens and panels for indoor and outdoor use.

Lighthouse Technologies: 888-928-0300