Rubber Tile

FlexTuft Rubber Tile is one of Flexco's many EnviroFlex products, which means it's environmentally friendly. FlexTuft is manufactured from recycled tires with vulcanized rubber backing, making it a durable and anti-slip flooring choice, effective for high-traffic areas such as fitness areas. Flexco's FlexTuft Rubber Tile meets standards set by the LEED Green Building Rating System and ADA recommendations. FlexTuft is available in two sizes and four color selections.

Flexco: 800-633-3151

Draw up Plans is a top online provider of easy-to-use business graphics software, drawing more than 2 million visitors each month and putting it in the top 0.1 percent of most-visited Web sites. Founded in 1994, offers three products to boost business productivity: the flagship SmartDraw program for creating business diagrams; FotoFinish for printing, editing and designing digital photo projects; and VisualScript XML for visually developing XML. The National Basketball Arena, one of Ireland's premier indoor sports facilities, recently selected SmartDraw for drafting floor plans for its upcoming events and is exploring other applications for the software such as drafting invitations. 858-225-3342

Make a Dramatic Entrance

Musson's new brochure describes and illustrates its Designed for Safety heavy-duty entry matting and tile. They combine style and long-range economy and are easy to install and clean. Typical products are made from rubber, vinyl and olefin carpet fibers. Others include recycled fluff cord tiles, cocoa, fiber tuft and aluminum/vinyl roll-up mats. All or a combination of products can be installed with Musson's surface or recessed aluminum frames.

Musson Rubber: 800-321-2381

Turf Underlayment

Brock USA has developed BrockTM Performance Turf Underlayment, a patented drainage and impact-absorbing underlayment that replaces the stone and cushioning layers traditionally used beneath synthetic turf playing fields. Brock significantly reduces field installation time and cost, while improving the playing performance and safety of synthetic turf fields. Brock is a single, 1-inch-thick product, delivered to the jobsite in easy-to-install 4-foot-by-4-foot interlocking panels. Brock simplifies the field installation process because it requires a simpler drainage system and less site preparation than traditional bases. As a result, the design and installation process is faster, easier and, in most cases, less expensive.

Brock USA: 877-276-2587