Conquer the Dinosaurs

SPI Industries Inc. offers a dynamic climber to add to your playground. The Dino-MiteTM Climber is useful on any playground. The easy one-piece installation can be used for 5-foot and 6-foot deck applications, and no secondary components are required. There are a variety of step profiles for climbing, and each side of the Dino-MiteTM Climber is different, allowing for added interest and face-to-face installations. The climbers feature molded-in handrails, multiple climbing methods, a realistic dinosaur appearance and great textures. The eye-appealing, playground-enhancing units are challenging for children of all ages.

SPI Industries Inc.: 800-269-6533

Lock up Safety

Dinoflex Manufacturing Ltd. has manufactured recycled-rubber playground surfacing since 1989. Its primary commitment in the development of products for playground surfacing is to provide superior solutions for impact absorption. High-quality standards coupled with consistency in production yields some of the finest quality tile on the market. Dinoflex Playground Surfacing Tiles are made from 100-percent-recycled tire rubber. The innovative, self-aligning interlocking system creates an easy and accurate installation with minimal maintenance. Turn your playground into an accessible play area that promotes learning, creativity, interactivity and, above all, fun.

Dinoflex Manufacturing Ltd.: 877-713-1899

Play With Designs

A new kind of playground company, WOW Playgrounds has blazed onto the playground scene with more than 500 standard designs and innumerable custom possibilities. With details such as the Eclipse Roof System®, offering 40 percent more shade than many other shade systems, and the newly developed Clampless connection system, providing a cleaner look, WOW is a leader in playground structures. The innovative look has many people talking, and the custom options have many others lining up. WOW Playgrounds offers playgrounds, pet playgrounds, shade structures, site furnishings, wood shelters, fitness courses, safety surfacing, Xtreme® skateparks, bleachers and more.

WOW Playgrounds: 866-WOW-PLAY (969-7529)

Rope Them In

Dynamo Playgrounds has been pioneering innovative playground games for more than 15 years and constantly adds excitement to the playground industry with its roping games. From the rotating climbers to the swings to the extensive line of playnets, Dynamo has something to bring kids of all ages running to your park or playground. Combining the fun of climbing with the thrill of motion, the dynamic games incorporate elements of movement, balance, exercise and teamwork, while exceeding the requirements of today's heightened safety concerns.

Dynamo Playgrounds: 800-790-0034

Climb and Climb Again

The MaxClimb system creates a dynamic climbing environment that inspires kids to climb and climb again. This innovative combination of cables and sculpted plastic options provide multiple climbing possibilities. Unlimited opportunities for adventure and development include solid surface vertical and lateral climbing as well as dynamic cable climbing. Install a freestanding MaxClimb and update your playground to the cutting edge of climbing or customize a new structure using multiple configurations. Endless options bring kids back for more challenging fun, climb and climb again.

Park Structures: 877-762-7563

Play Forever

Safeplay Systems introduces the Forever Playground, manufactured from recycled plastic. The traditional wood appearance comes from Ecoplay, a recycled plastic made exclusively for the recreation industry. Ecoplay will never rot, peel, fade, rust, splinter or chip. All Ecoplay members are structural-grade HDPE and solid throughout. Safeplay claims that the product has a 250-year life expectancy in any climate and that the systems are virtually maintenance-free. Rotationally molded plastic accessories are available in a multitude of colors and designs, and metal components are available in powder-coated galvanized or stainless steel. Safeplay offers a full line of age-appropriate equipment.

Safeplay Systems: 800-260-7218

Building Rocks

If you're looking to add some rock-climbing fun to your playground, consider the new Playcraft Erector-Rock Modular Climbing Rocks. Available in either deck-accessible or freestanding designs, the Erector-Rock Climbing Adventures is sure to add tons of fun to any playground. The design includes PVC-coated, die-cast aluminum grips that are tough but gentle on little hands and feet of those would-be rock climbers. Three distinct rock sections offer unlimited design configurations. The realistic look, feel and awesome scale of the Erector-Rock Climbing Adventure are sure to make a lasting addition to any play space.

Krauss Craft, Inc.: 800-333-8519

Rock It

Kids can't resist The Rock, the newest innovation from Landscape Structures. With its realistic climbing surface, it stimulates creative play for kids of all ages. It's fast to install, built to last for decades, and virtually maintenance-free.

Landscape Structures Inc.: 888-4FUNLSI