Good Pitch

The Master Pitching Machine brochure reveals its exclusive Iron Mike arm-style pitching machine and the company's full line of commercial batting-cage equipment. Each pitching machine has a throwing arm that allows batters to see the ball at all times. Available in both indoor and outdoor versions, Master Pitching batting cages come in various sizes and shapes. No matter your budget, you can find a Master Pitching Machine and batting cage to fit your needs.

Master Pitching Machine: 800-878-8228

Sandcleaning Technology

Keeping sand areas clean is important for golf, sports, games, beach and other sandy environments. The Nolte BC 1000 Sandcleaner is an easy-to-use, multipurpose motor-driven unit that removes all types of pollutants in small and medium-sized sand areas like golf course bunkers, horse tracks, playgrounds and beaches. Refuse is collected in a rubbish bag fitted on the side. The Nolte BC 1500 is designed for operation with agricultural towing vehicles without hydraulics. Collected waste and rubbish are automatically transported to a collecting bin.

Pifer Inc.: 888-442-8442

Outdoor Products

Belson Outdoors offers thousands of products including a large variety of park and recreation equipment and a complete line of barbecue grills. Products include picnic tables, benches, bleachers, bike racks, trash receptacles, café tables, planters, park grills, fire rings, concession equipment, barbecue grills, rotisseries, attachments and more. Choose from a variety of materials including wood, aluminum, recycled plastic, powder-coated steel, concrete, plastisol and Metal-Armor coated products.

Belson Outdoors, Inc.: 800-323-5664

Aquatic Fun

Splashpads® from Vortex are a thrilling, zero-depth aquatic play environment where kids can revel in exhilarating experiences while learning through play. They are proven attractions that offer exceptional and lasting value. Providing some of the most stimulating activities in parks today, Splashpads® fuse innovative design, enhanced play value and maximum durability with total safety, affordability and low-cost operation.

Vortex Aquatic Structures Intl.: 877-5-VORTEX (586-7839)

Innovators in the Water

As inventors and suppliers of one of the first nylon swimsuits, rescue apparatus and racing lanes, Adolph Kiefer has always been an innovator. For some of the best in deck equipment, check out the Kiefer Aquatic Product Guide, offering high-quality products for your pool including starting blocks, guard chairs, racing lanes, UV systems and more.

Adolph Kiefer: 800-323-4071

Half-Century of Swimming

A leading manufacturer of commercial swimming pool equipment for almost 50 years, Paragon Aquatics offers competitive starting platforms, lifeguard chairs, diving towers, anchors, accessories, ladders, steps, stair and grab rails, underwater windows, lights and speakers, custom railings, polo goals, racing lanes, and more. Paragon also manufactures Stark Aquatic Filtration Systems, recognized worldwide for their technological leadership in a broad range of aquatic environments. Proven applications include swimming pools, waterparks, aquariums, zoos, aquaculture and water treatment.

Paragon Aquatics: 888-KDI-SWIM (534-7946)

Pool Facelift

If your pool is in need of a serious facelift, Fibre Tech can help. Fibre Tech manufactures some of the most durable coatings produced for today's pool renovation needs. The Fibre Tech coating is designed for any situation that demands a seamless, waterproof barrier that permanently adheres to any structurally sound surface. Fibre Tech helps reduce the cost of your pool maintenance, so you will benefit immediately from your newly refinished pool.

Fibre Tech, Inc.: 800-393-7283

Commercial Pools

Spectrum Aquatics® commercial swimming pool equipment catalog offers 124 pages of materials used in the construction and operation of commercial aquatic facilities. The products include assisted access, deck equipment, cleaning and maintenance equipment, filters and pumps, heaters and covers, safety and rescue, training and exercise, and toys and recreation.

Spectrum Aquatics: 800-776-5309