Big Things, Small Package

The Pro Gym CTTM delivers maximum activity in a minimal space. It's a total fitness center for building upper- and lower-body strength while improving cardiovascular capacity. Features include a 200-pound weight stack, vertical chest press, butterfly, lat pull down, leg extension, standing leg curl and low pulley. The leg extension assembly pivots out of the way for wheelchair accessibility. A hand cycle with electronic pulse meter and table provide cardio conditioning. The Pro Gym CTTM is a top choice among recreation facilities and individuals with disabilities for compact, affordable strength and conditioning equipment.

Endorphin Corporation: 800-940-9844

Total Body Trainer

Experience Cybex's Total Body Arc Trainer, the evolution of the NOVA7 award-winning Arc Trainer. The Total Body Arc Trainer features Same Side Forward motion, which naturally coordinates movement between the upper and lower body through all levels of incline to maintain correct posture for a superior workout. The Total Body Arc Trainer boasts 900 watts and 101 levels. Cybex is a leading manufacturer of premium health and fitness equipment for consumer and commercial sue. For the past 50 years, Cybex has been a leader in exercise science, wellness, health and fitness.

Cybex: 508-533-4300

Weight a Minute

The P-600 is a combination free-weight barbell station and cable crossover system. Grab & Go® technology allows users to lock/unlock the barbell at the point of release. An embedded touch sensor in the barbell controls the locking mechanism—simply open hands to lock in place instantly. Each cable of the crossover system works off an independent weight stack and is used for traditional cable exercises. Crossover weight stacks also can be used to add resistance to the barbell, providing an alternative to loading the barbell with weight plates. A third weight stack is for traditional high/low pulley and leg-developer exercises.

ProSpot Fitness: 770-446-9299

Stand on This

The new Black (extra soft) Thera-Band Stability Trainer, manufactured by The Hygenic Corporation, is the latest balance training product to expand the Thera-Band® System of Progressive Balance TrainingTM . This air-filled Stability Trainer provides advanced challenge compared to the green and blue Stability Trainers. Providing multiple directional displacement for one- or two-foot applications, it can be used for core-strength and stability training, ankle range of motion, and flexibility training. Made of durable PVC, its heavy-gauge side walls resist the tendency to roll the ankle during exercise. In addition, one side has rounded points for sensorimotor stimulation.

The Hygenic Corporation: 800-321-2135

More Weights Than One

The Slammer is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment your facility can have. It uses patented ball joint technology that provides users the freedom of complete, complex Olympic bar movements. Unlike many fixed-path machines, the Slammer offers greater involvement of muscles and body balance. The unit helps users safely perform explosive lifts like power cleans and hang cleans and assists the safe implementation and teaching of cleans, squats, shoulder presses, combination lifts and bench-press movements. It also permits users to keep the bar close to their bodies at all times while allowing multi-angular body motion.

Posi-Trak Inc.: 800-822-4922