Total Turf Tool

The Kromer Athletic Field Machine (AFMTM ) is one of the most versatile turf maintenance vehicles available. It can be configured as a line painter capable of single or multi-line painting and as a baseball- and softball-field groomer. Available attachments include line sprayers, grooming attachments with dust and chemical control, an innovative Ridge Remover system for the back of infields, a dry line applicator, and many other useful features. The Kromer Company also offers tow-behind field groomers, an inexpensive walk-behind field striper and a new Field Paint Mixing Station in either a 300- or 175-gallon size.

Kromer Company, LLC: 800-373-0337

Pulling Their Weight

Progressive Turf Equipment offers pull-behind rotary finishing mowers for golf, sod production and general grounds-care applications. Mowing widths range from 10 feet to 36 feet (one of the world's largest rotary mowers). Pictured is the TD65 15.5-foot mower. This model is widely used in the mowing maintenance of parks, playgrounds and recreation facilities. Its rugged construction and low price make it a favorite for wide-area mowing in recreational settings.

Progressive Turf Equipment:: 800-668-8873

Enter the Fold

AerWay offers its all new folding design aerator, available in 12-foot and 15-foot widths, as part of its new Groundhog family. The folded width is within 90 inches, which allows easy transport through gates and along pathways. Intended for contractors, schools and municipalities with multiple field complexes, the units are capable of aerating in excess of 10 acres per hour. They can be fitted with any of the AerWay family of tines: shattertine, sportstine, finetine or coring tine. AerWay Groundhog styles are available in widths of 45 inches, 60 inches, 75 inches and 90 inches, pull-type and three-point tractor mounted.

AerWay: 800-457-8310

Nothing But Netless

Profile Products LLC offers the new Futerra® F4 NetlessTM Erosion Control and Revegetation Blanket, an innovative product that provides superior erosion control and seed germination without the netting that can entangle wildlife or maintenance equipment. Unlike traditional erosion control blankets (ECBs) that incorporate netting to provide strength for installation and performance demands, Futerra® F4 Netless uses a refined thermal extrusion process that eliminates the need for netting. With two patented features and one patent pending, the new system offers greater dimensional stability, weighs less and is easier to install than its netted predecessor.

Profile Products LLC: 800-207-6457

Power Under Pressure

Shark Pressure Washers has rolled out a line of electric-powered, direct-drive, cold-water pressure washers for the commercial-industrial market. The versatile, compact, cart-mounted units can be plugged in anywhere and used for both indoor and outdoor jobs, with 10-inch tubed, pneumatic tires. The four models of the DE series are powered by 1.5- to 5-horsepower motors with cleaning power of up to 3.5 gallons per minute and 2,000 pounds per square inch. The DE series features a rugged Legacy high-pressure pump with a seven-year warranty, along with a durable 1-1/4-inch steel chassis and frame with a limited lifetime warranty.

Shark Pressure Washers: 800-771-1881

Spread it Around

The Earth & Turf MultiSpreadTM 200 spreads a variety of materials including topdressing for athletic fields, infield mix for baseball infields, chips on pathways, and salt-sand or grit on sidewalks and driveways. The capacity is 15 cubic feet, with a spread width of up to 60 inches. The unit is available in ground drive or hydraulic drive. An optional loading chute facilitates loading with buckets up to 66 inches wide. An available wing kit for the rear shield permits easy control of the spread pattern width and direction. The MultiSpreadTM marks another "simple, well-built" design from Earth & Turf.

Earth & Turf Products, LLC: 888-693-2638

Beautify Your Beach

H. Barber & Sons, Inc. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of beach cleaners. About 80 percent of beach cleaners purchased in the United States are Barber. Committed to high-quality engineering and manufacturing for more than 35 years, Barber knows the recipe for a successful beach cleaning operation. From fleet management (top-notch machinery and easy maintenance) to beach management (superior cleaning, removing small and large debris quickly and efficiently), Barber has proven itself for almost four decades and is a top choice among beach managers and operators throughout the country. Equipment is available for all beach types and sizes.

H. Barber & Sons, Inc.: 800-355-8318

Small Plot Disk

Gandy Company introduces a small plot disk in three 4-foot and one 6-foot model, designed for small tractors or ATVs that are 550cc or greater. Operators can use the disk for establishing new lawns; seeding wildlife plots, gardens and waterways; tilling between rows of nursery stock; and establishing turf in small landscape areas. The disk features notched 16-inch disks, adjustable from zero to 20 degrees, coupled with a set of tines for seed incorporation. An optional rear roller firms the seedbed. Hoppers are 12-volt electric motor-driven, operating from a switch console. Standard hand levers open and close the metering slide.

Gandy Company: 800-443-2476