Pool Accessories

Lincoln Aquatics has been serving the commercial swimming pool market for more than 50 years. Lincoln's new 152-page catalog contains one of the most comprehensive selections of high-quality swimming pool equipment and aquatic supplies available. The catalog is organized in an easy-to-use format that helps you locate the products you need.

Lincoln Aquatics: 800-228-5450

Smooth Sliding

Whitewater West Industries is one of the only manufacturers in the industry to produce a water slide that is perfectly smooth inside and out. An industry-leading product improvement for the aquatic industry, this breakthrough technology is called SilkTekTM . SilkTekTM provides a superior appearance and decreases maintenance costs. Other advantages include perfectly smooth joints, consistent thickness throughout and an ultimate ride experience. Add some SilkTekTM to your facility with Whitewater's award-winning PoolSiderTM water slide.

Whitewater West Industries: 800-775-4337

Lift When Wet

RMT Aquatics manufactures battery-powered, remote-controlled portable and semi-portable pool lifts. A variety of lift solutions allows you to transfer people up to 400 pounds to and from the water for nearly any pool or spa configuration. The stainless-steel construction of the lifts affords them the durability to support years of reliable transfer assistance. All RMT Aquatics lifts are also 100-percent ADA-compliant and are ergonomically designed to provide efficient and comfortable transfers.

RMT Aquatics: 800-577-4424

Pool Check

Acu-Trol Programmable Controllers offers its new Acu-Check3TM , one of the first hand-held, battery-operated devices that provides complete pool and spa water photospectrometer testing. The device uses DPD chemistry and is designed to be used with reagent tables (three packs of 30 are included). The Acu-Check3TM provides easy-to-read digital readouts and has a 0.1 accuracy. The device is effective for commercial pools—for quick, easy checks—and for lifeguards who need to check the water every hour and don't want to mess with strips but want to eliminate the guesswork.

Acu-Trol Programmable Controllers: 800-273-4667

Portable Lagoon

The Inflatable Lagoon Water Park is a new way of entertaining kids at a birthday party, town fair, carnival or other occasion. This ergonomic system sets up quickly and easily and takes down in a snap. It requires a low investment and yields a high return, making it economical as well. You only need six to eight inches of water to operate the Power Paddler Boats, and when kids are done with the boats, they can cool off in the safe, shallow water surface. The Lagoon Water Park is easy to maintain and can be transported conveniently to different areas.

Farley Technologies: 514-931-2000

The Four-Step Program

Quaker Plastic Corporation offers its new EZ Steps for swimming pool access. The EZ Steps feature an adjustable four-tread drop-in set of steps that fits multiple pool-wall heights. The unit is constructed of high-strength polyethylene for stability, durability and maintenance-free use, and it comes with two powder-coated handrails for corrosion resistance. The EZ Steps install in minutes and are compact for easy storage when not in use.

Quaker Plastic Corporation: 717-285-4571

New Reactor

Advanced Control Logix introduces its new reactor for the AWDX medium pressure UV treatment system for water. This new reactor was designed specifically for swimming pool and spa water-treatment applications. A stainless-steel vessel, the reactor has a micro-processor-based control panel. It features a temperature sensor, a 50-percent power option for a longer lap life, with an easy-to-remove lamp and thimble assembly for cleaning. Not only is the reactor effective against Cryptosporidium, but it also reduces chloramines.

Advanced Control Logix: 530-389-8919

Make a Splash

Miracle Recreation offers a full line of pool slides and water slides. New for 2005, it has a huge range of standard model slides ranging from family slides to drop slides to speed slides, all great for making a big splash at your facility. Custom designs also are available, as well as the new bowl ride.

Miracle Recreation Equipment Company: 800-782-6550