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Spectrum Aquatics® 2005 Commercial Swimming Pool Equipment catalog has what you're looking for in materials used in the construction and operation of commercial aquatic facilities. You'll find products and equipment for decks, assisted access, cleaning and maintenance, safety and rescue, training and exercise, and more.

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Bring in the Light

Atria Aquatic Enclosures features rigid framed glazed structures that are custom-designed for a variety of uses including commercial and residential pools, waterparks, leisure/sunrooms, and more. These structures provide a light, crisp environment that allows visitors to enjoy activities year-round. The powder-coated, colored aluminum frames, rafters and sliding glass doors require minimum maintenance, while providing maximum durability. The light-transmitting insulated roof panels open to allow for natural ventilation. Wide spans and roof-only projects are available. CCSI, Atria's manufacturer, prides itself on a long-term acceptance by architects and builders who recognize the structural integrity and longevity of its glazed enclosures.

CCSI International, Inc.: 800-537-8231

Play up the Theme

KoalaPlay Group's custom-designed splash play attractions allow businesses to offer a unique experience to guests, which results in return visits and higher profits. From concept to creation, KoalaPlay Group is a leader in providing customized attractions. The in-house theming department draws from an enormous collection of styles, technologies and concepts to develop installations that suit any area size, market brand, theme or facility function.

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Pool Chemistry

Most health departments require control of swimming pools using parts per million (ppm), while you want the reliability of ORP for bacteria-free water. Now you can do both with the Strantrol® MG/L 5 controller. The controller is specifically designed for measurement and control of swimming pool water chemistry including free available chlorine, ORP, pH, conductivity, temperature, and second oxidizer control for UV and ozone. The ChemWeb server allows easy communication with multiple controllers via direct connect, the Internet or the Ethernet.

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Equip Your Pool

A trusted source for 25 years, the new 2005 Recreation Supply Company Commercial Swimming Pool Catalog is packed with a huge variety of what you need for your commercial swimming pool and aquatic programs. The 144-page, full-color pages include rescue equipment, fitness gear, pumps and filters, deck equipment, waterpark equipment, and more.

Recreation Supply Company: 800-437-8072

Pool Shark

The KingShark2 is one of the leading commercial pool cleaners in the world. It offers the option of spot-cleaning or quick cleanup using the wireless, hand-held remote control. Completely automatic and self-contained, it requires no hoses or filter hook-ups. The AV Twister allows the cleaner to maneuver throughout the entire pool, avoiding obstacles and minimizing cord-twisting. The control box has a built-in digital timer for overnight cleaning, and a caddy cart allows portability, easy storage and mounting the control box. Place the KingShark2 in the pool, plug it in and remove it when it's done. Extra filter cartridges are included.

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Fast Starts

S.R. Smith commercial offers an innovative new, single-post, long-reach starting platform. It features a 24-inch-by-32-inch platform top for faster tops, 10.5-inch-deep steps for added safety, an adjustable anchor that can be tightened before races and loosened to remove the platform, a powder-coated finish to resist corrosion, and built-in strobe lights for faster starts as well as safe and effective use for hearing-impaired swimmers.

S.R. Smith: 888-677-7776

Lower and Lift

Aquatic Access Inc. manufactures three standard versions of its ADA-compliant Model IGAT-180 Pool Lift. The seat rotates 180 degrees as it lowers and lifts. All are powered by water pressure and require neither electricity nor a pump. Dual controls are within easy reach of the seat's occupant from the deck or in the water. The controls provide independent operation and allow the empty seat to be called from the opposite position. These lifts mount into a pre-installed deck socket and easily can be placed or removed without tools.

Aquatic Access Inc.: 800-325-LIFT (5438)