Aquatic Matting

Featured at the U.S. Olympic Swimming Team Trials in Long Beach, Calif., and the FINA World Swimming Championships in Indianapolis, PEM Aquatic Matting is a versatile product. It's used not only on pool decks but also locker rooms, showers, bridges, steps, splash play areas and playgrounds. It features a textured, slip-resistant surface, porous design and soft PVC construction for safety and comfort.

A-B Associates: 800-783-2358

Injection Verification

Blue-White's Flexflo A-100NV Variable Speed Peristaltic Metering Injector now comes with an optional Micro-Flow FVS (Flow Verification Sensor). With this option installed, the pump's electronics continuously monitor the Micro-Flow FVS to ensure chemical injection. If a chemical should fail to inject, the pump stops and an alarm relay closes, allowing for remote alarm indication or initiation of a backup pump. Additional Flexflo A-100NV features include self-priming, a de-gassing design; flow rates to 95.1 gpd, pressure to 100 psi; accuracy of +/- 1 percent repeatability full range; tube failure detection alarm system; easy-to-read LCD display and controls; and corrosion-resistant enclosure.

Blue-White Industries: 714-893-8529

Liquid Assets

Water Technology, Inc. is a premier aquatic planning, design and engineering firm. Founded in 1983, the staff of more than 40 professionals has been involved in some of the world's foremost competitive and leisure facilities. The firm's portfolio includes outdoor waterparks, indoor waterparks, resort and hotel pools, YMCA/YWCA pools, therapy and wellness pools, clubs and community developments, and splash play areas. Involvement in the projects includes conceptual planning, consensus building, and architectural details through mechanical design, construction administration, commissioning, and marketing and operations services. Secure your liquid assets with Water Technology, Inc.

Water Technology, Inc.: 800-538-8207

Integrated Scoring

The city of Santa Clarita, Calif., recently installed two completely integrated systems from Daktronics in its new aquatics center. The systems include SW-2218-11 LED aquatics scoreboards. The city upgraded its scoreboards with various modules, including the team score, the event/heat and the lengths/record time modules. At the heart of these integrated systems is the OminiSport® 2000 console, which features multisport capabilities. With three 32-character backlit liquid-crystal-display screens (LCD), operators can easily view lane status and current race information and verify entries. Also featured is a high-speed compact thermal printer, which flawlessly prints race results.

Daktronics, Inc.: 888-325-8766

Racing Lanes

Competitor® Swim Products, a division of Richey Industries, is a recognized leader in competitive swim technology. Competitor® Racing Lanes feature patented, flow-through design to control water turbulence, creating optimum pool conditions. The lanes are available in six-inch Gold Medal lanes or standard four-inch. The Competitor® line also includes storage reels, pace clocks and starting platforms.

Competitor Swim Products: 800-888-SWIM (7946)

Water-Quality Instruments

Founded in 1957, the Myron L Company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hand-held and inline water quality control instrumentation. MLC's economical PoolmeterTM features AutoTemperatureCompensation and displays in both TDS and NaCl. The redesigned UltrameterIITM offers COND/TDS/resistivity/pH/ORP and temperature in a true one-hand operation instrument. The UltrameterIITM features an advanced four-electrode conductivity cell, unique pH/ORP, improved microprocessor-based circuitry, expanded memory and infrared data-collection capabilities. Beyond their affordability, the PoolmeterTM and UltrameterIITM save both time and money. Measure for measure, these instruments offer a better return on your investment than many other hand-held instruments.

Myron L Company: 760-438-2021

Safety Covers

Plastimayd Corporation offers an innovative new fabric for safety covers: Ultra-MaydTM Mesh. The new material is a tight weave mesh that offers all the advantages of a solid safety cover without the solid safety cover weight. The new mesh blocks out more sunlight than many conventional mesh covers and filters out more dirt for an overall cleaner pool. It blocks out 93 percent of sunlight, unlike many conventional mesh materials that filter out approximately 84 percent of sunlight. This added filtration makes springtime pools cleaner and offers benefits of a solid cover without the hassles of a heavy, solid cover.

Plastimayd Corporation: 800-348-2600

Rescue Tube

The Recreonics Rescue Tube is a traditional wrap-around tube designed for beach, lake and swimming pool rescues. This rescue tube can be handed to a victim in a close-in assist, used to reach a struggling victim without contact or to tow a passive unconscious victim. Made of closed-cell ensolite foam covered in a heavy-duty red vinyl skin, the tube has a 49-inch tow line with 28-inch looped end and quick-release buckle. It measures 39-1/2 inches long by 6-1/2 inches wide and 3-1/2 inches thick.

Recreonics, Inc.: 800-428-3254