Convenient Cleaning

The invention people at Water Tech offer the new Spa BusterTM , one of the first underwater spa cleaners that is battery-powered, rechargeable, and strong enough to thoroughly clean any spa or small pool. The Spa BusterTM is half the size of Water Tech's Pool BusterTM , roughly 14 inches long, weighing only three pounds, and able to last 40 minutes when fully charged. The small vacuum head is effective for small spa crevices and can be connected to a vacuum pole without hoses to clean small above-ground or inflatable pools. It's effective for any facility manager looking for hand-held cleaning convenience.

Water Tech Inc.: 800-298-8800

Waterproof Water Guide

The industry's popular water testing and treatment guide is completely updated for 2005 to reflect current practices and technologies. Topics include sanitation, water balance, hot-tub chemistry, troubleshooting and testing methodologies. There's an expanded glossary, the new water-quality guidelines from ANSI/IAF and the CPO® manual, plus 11 treatment tables with U.S. and metric measurements. The 60-page English language version now is printed exclusively on plasticized paper that's virtually indestructible. The booklet comes with Taylor's professional-grade test kits and also sold singly (#2004B) and in packs of 25 (#2004B-25). The earlier version still is available in Spanish, French and German.

Taylor Technologies, Inc.: 800-TEST-KIT

Get a Solid Grip

Decathlon DesignTM flooring by Mats, Inc. is athletic flooring for use in pools, spas, health clubs and fitness centers. American-made, Decathlon uses high-quality post-consumer black recycled-tire rubber with EPDM colored granules. Low VOC emissions meet guidelines for indoor-air quality, and natural slip-resistance exceeds ADA guidelines. Decathlon is nonabsorbent and stain-resistant and available in a variety of colors. Mats, Inc. is a family-owned and -operated company based in Stoughton, Mass., that has been serving the flooring community for more than 30 years.

Mats, Inc.: 800-628-7462

Hoop it Up

Water Hoops by Douglas are available in a complete six-foot basketball or volleyball system as well as a combination set. All parts are included. Each water hoop base weighs only 14 pounds empty but 150 pounds when filled with water. Easy to assemble and disassemble, the unit requires no tools and all models have adjustable heights for all ages. Stainless-steel and anodized aluminum construction is backed by a one-year warranty. Water Hoops are totally portable. Just fill the base and play.

Douglas Sports Nets and Equipment: 800-553-8907

Rescue Device

The RB-2 Rescue Tube, designed and manufactured by Lifesaving Resources, is a 48-inch tube with a six-foot tow strap and shoulder harness with an eight-inch grab loop on the tail. The tube has "rescue" silk-screened on both sides of the tube for easy and clear identification as a rescue device. The RB-2 was used by the lifeguard personnel who provided safety and rescue services during the 2004 Olympics in Greece.

Lifesaving Resources Inc.: 603-827-4139

Clear the Way

A new Fiberglass Basket Strainer from Mer-Made Filter features quick-opening latches and a clear lid, which swings away for easy opening. The clear acrylic lid allows visual inspection of the basket and pump flow conditions without shutting down the filter system. The strainer is built with oversized internal passageways and oversized basket. This combination reduces pressure losses through the unit and increases time between cleanings. Mer-Made Filter also manufactures fiberglass high-rate sand-filter tanks, fiberglass surge tanks, chlorine tanks, concentric reducers and float valves, as well as a full line of polystyrene vacuum D.E. filter leaf systems.

Mer-Made Filter: 803-793-4265

Testing Strips

Industrial Test Systems, Inc. offers the new Pool CheckTM eXactTM meter and eXactTM Strips. Affordable eXactTM meters give you fast water-chemistry results without taking a water sample to your local pool store. Effective for residential and commercial testing, the eXact 1 meter (measures free chlorine/total chlorine, pH and total alkalinity), eXact 2 (measures free chlorine/total chlorine, bromine and pH), and eXact 3 (measures free chlorine/total chlorine, pH and cyanuric acid) combine safety, accuracy and ease of use in a hand-held package. The eXact meters use innovative eXactTM Strips, a safe and convenient delivery systems for your DPD testing.

Industrial Test Systems, Inc.: 800-861-9712

No More Metering

"The Solution" is an adjustable, wide-range bulk sodium hypochlorite feed system designed to improve operational safety and simplify the disinfection process while reducing costs. This product features newly patented venturi (vacuum) feed technology rather than pressure associated with metering pumps. This system eliminates peaks and valleys by maintaining continuous set point chlorination under the heaviest demands. The process is found to significantly reduce chloramines and associated indoor-air-quality concerns. It is nearly maintenance-free, carries a complete two-year warranty and is certified NSF Standard 50.

SureWater Technologies Inc.: 407-948-2078