Aqua Shoes

Aquatics by Sprint offers a wide range of aqua shoes to meet the needs of both children and adults. These comfortable, practical and durable shoes protect your feet in or out of the water and do so with style. Shoes and sandals are available in children's size 7, all the way up to men's size 13, depending on the style. These shoes are effective for water aerobics, therapy, tide pools or any other activity you choose for your aquatic environment.

Aquatics by Sprint: 800-235-2156

Take Control

Hanna Instruments offers Advanced ORP Controllers for your pool and spa needs. Ensure your pool is clean and save money on wasted chemicals with the HI 22 wall-mount ORP controller. Monitoring and controlling ORP levels means less frequent testing of chlorine. The easy-to-operate HI 22 series controllers have user-selectable timing capability to safeguard against overdosing and push-button password programming to prevent tampering. The HI 22 series provides accurate measurements, flexible On/Off proportional or PID control capabilities, and dual-alarm signals. Features include large LCD displays, four relay status LEDs and RS485 isolated communication PC links.

Hanna Instruments, USA: 800-426-6287

Guard Necessities

Gulbenkian Swim offers two guard kits. Kit A is a red or royal-blue nylon fanny pack with three wet pockets and a Guard Cross screened on the front. It includes a CPR mask with O2 inlet in a white plastic case, a Gulbenkian plastic pea whistle and a nylon lanyard with a hook. The Kit B has a Fox 40 pealess whistle with a guard logo and a Gulbenkian Break-A-Way lanyard.

Gulbenkian Swim, Inc.: 914-747-3240

Wet Your Workout

The AquafinsTM Aquatic Exercise Kit introduces your patrons to a whole new way to work out in the water. The innovative, one-size-fits-all cuffs and Predator Fins are made of soft Santoprene® rubber for strength and flexibility and can be worn comfortably on the wrists or ankles for full-body conditioning. Each kit contains two cuffs, four Predator Fins, a mesh carrying case, and detailed instructions for toning and strengthening legs and lower back, inner and outer thighs, arms, chest, and upper back. AquafinsTM are from The Hygenic Corporation, manufacturer of Thera-Band products.

The Hygenic Corporation: 800-321-2135

Improve Pool Access

Enhance your pool access with a practical and dignified solution from Rehab Systems. The AquaTrek ladders, steps and ramps are custom-designed for every individual facility and are manufactured to meet the specific demands of the commercial aquatic environment. Each unit is built using the finest, furniture-grade PVC that encases a tough, metal skeleton. UV stabilizers and titanium impact modifiers in the PVC add to the system durability and ensure outdoor use. The AquaTrek wheelchair is built with noncorrosive materials to provide long use in an aquatic environment. Each system comes with a one-year warranty.

Rehab Systems, LLC: 800-726-8620

Testing, Testing

Two new one-dip products are available from AquaChek for total chlorine/total bromine tests. The Pro 5-way and Silver 7-way test strips feature an improved total chlorine test, which also tests for total bromine at levels of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 and 22 ppm. The total chlorine test has six color pads, reading levels of 0, 0.5, 1, 3, 5 and 10 ppm. Color pads for the total bromine/total chlorine tests are easier-to-read shades of green, which also is indicative of improved chemistry. Service pros now can use just one strip to test for both swimming pools and spas/hot tubs.

Environmental Test Systems, Inc.: 888-278-2243

Time for a Tub

Hydropool Commercial Hot Tubs are a top choice of architects, consultants, designers and facility operators. The shells have been designed with user safety and comfort in mind. When equipped with Hydropool's mechanical support system, the hot tubs pass most regulatory codes and guidelines. With more than 30 years of experience, Hydropool ensure that its commercial hot tubs can meet the challenges of the most difficult and demanding installations.

Hydropool Hot Tubs: 877-675-9449

Purification and Conditioning

Clearwater Enviro Technologies, Inc. is a leader in the manufacture of effective, cost-saving and chemical-free technologies for water purification, softening, and mineral scale and prevention. Designed to work in combination with one another, the company's UL-listed copper/silver ionization systems (validated to NSF Standard 50 regulations) and ScaleBlasterTM electronic descalers provide complete and maintenance-free water purification and conditioning. Numerous models are available to handle any volume of water from spas and pools with less than 50,000 gallons to pools, waterparks and other large aquatic applications with up to 2.4 million gallons.

Clearwater Enviro Technologies, Inc.: 800-756-7946