Robotic Pool Cleaning

Part of the next generation of robotic pool cleaners, the new DolphinTM Dynamic Pro X is a state-of-the-art system. With its new COP microprocessor featuring flash technology, its super-efficient scanning program and new heavy-duty drive system, the Dynamic Pro X thoroughly cleans the floor of a semi-Olympic pool in less than three hours. Like all DolphinTM cleaners, it also climbs pool walls, scrubs waterlines and filters pool water. It comes with a convenient carry caddy and programmable remote control, and with its new swivel, cable-twisting is reduced. The Dynamic Pro X out-thinks, out-cleans and out-performs many robotic cleaners in its class.

SmartPool, Inc.: 416-487-4342

Pick Your Pump

ITT Marlow Leisure Products offers one of the most comprehensive lines of NSF-Certified pumps for use on pools, waterpark facilities and water features available today. Choose from self-priming, end suction centrifugal, horizontal split case and vertical turbine pumps for flow rates from 100 gpm to more than 100,000 gpm. The newly improved Pump Selection Program allows users to not only select the correct style and size pump but also download CAD drawings and engineering submittal data sheets.

ITT Fluid Handling: 201-385-8424

Recirculation Requirements

Eureka Manufacturing Company offers complete, made-to-order suction niches, main drains and anti-vortex covers to facilitate smooth installation and to help meet the recirculation requirements of swimming pools and specialty water features. The suction niches, main drains and anti-vortex plates ensure bather safety and install easily, saving contractors labor in the field. The newly designed Anti-Vortex Cover has a gradual slope, which decreases the tripping hazard found in traditional anti-vortex covers. Standard sizes for the anti-vortex covers are 12-inch square, 18-inch square and 24-inch square. Custom sizes are available. The 12-gauge, 304 stainless-steel covers fit over existing drains.

Eureka Manufacturing Company: 800-472-1712

Slide up Attendance

Entering its 24th year of business and its 12th year building custom water slides, Mason Corporation offers attractive, affordable attendance-boosters. Give your pool the sizzle it needs in 2005. Mason will provide a no-obligation rendering and price quote.

Mason Corporation: 800-821-4141

Strainers, Reducers and Valves

Neptune-Benson presents the all PVC guardian Hair and Lint Strainers, PVC Reducers and PVC diversion Valves. Strainers feature heavy-duty construction, 1-inch-thick transparent acrylic lid, 50-psi tested and easy-open securing assemblies. Features include three-inch to 12-inch sizes, strait and eccentric design, full-face 1/8-inch-thick sealing gasket, side-mounted drain connection and a stainless-steel basket with SkotchKote powder coating for maximum longevity.

Neptune-Benson, Inc.: 800-832-8002

Everything for Pools

WMS Aquatics provides a complete line of aquatic equipment, from operation to recreation and competition for the commercial swimming pool. The Buyer's Guide reflects the quality that comes from more than 30 years of experience, not only in supplying equipment, but also in constructing state-of-the-art pool facilities, as showcased on the catalog cover.

WMS Aquatics: 800-426-9460

Spray Some Surprises

I-Spy is an innovative spray toy in the world of splash play. As water pressure increases, bubble-filled water rushes across clear tubing, bringing with it rubber ducks, tropical fish, race cars and many other fun toys. Children watch the action above them, while standing in the water spraying around them. Others can enjoy watching I-Spy out of spray's range.

Waterplay Manufacturing Inc.: 800-590-5552

Improve Water Quality

With the TMI Salt Pure® system, which comprises an in-line chlorine generation system and a compatible chemistry controller, TMI automates water balance and dramatically improves water quality. The TMI Salt Pure® system increases your membership by eliminating complaints of red eyes, itchy skin and chlorine odors. TMI Salt Pure® Corporation specializes in commercial aquatic consultation and provides remote ongoing support using the latest technology available to the chemistry controller industry. TMI's goal is to reduce maintenance and focus on educating pool staff on preventive maintenance, covering all issues of chemistry and equipment. TMI provides customers with superior service.

TMI Salt Pure Corporation: 800-818-8266