Solar Advantages

Heliocol, one of the world's largest solar pool collector manufacturers, features a patented individual tube design, which eliminates wind load, hoses and straps. The design also allows for full flow and reduces wear on the solar and filtration systems. Easy-to-install and attractive, the system is effective in both commercial and residential applications and comes with a 12-year parts-and-labor warranty. You can expect a two- to three-year payback on commercial systems. Heliocol was chosen to heat the Olympic swimming pools in Atlanta in 1996 and Athens in 2004.

Heliocol Solar Pool Heating: 800-797-6527

Super Scrubber

At the heart of every JetMAX is a patented JetDrive Propulsion System. This innovative valve system, the result of a decade of research and development, enables JetMAX to vacuum up dirt and debris and move around your pool using a single, high-output pump motor. The high-pressure impeller is the key to the Hydroscrub Power Wash System. The impeller forces water, under pressure, through the clear tubes to the Hydroscrubber nozzles where sharp streams of water power-wash dirt and debris off your pool's surface and into the cleaner's internal filtration system.

Aqua Products, Inc.: 800-705-0599

Water-Treatment Systems

WEDECO, Inc., an operating unit of ITT Industries, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of ultraviolet and ozone water-treatment systems worldwide. The company manufactures and delivers UV-disinfection and ozone-oxidation systems specifically designed for the swimming pool and aquatic markets. The benefits of using UV or ozone in swimming pools include enhanced disinfection performance, chloramines reduction (no more burning eyes or corrosion issues), and reduced chlorine usage. All this leads to improved water quality. WEDECO UV and ozone systems provide a variety of standard and optional features that aquatic customers demand.

WEDECO/ITT Industries: 704-409-9785