Light the Next Decade

Musco Lighting's Light-Structure 2TM is a completely engineered system from foundation to poletop, with only 5 Easy PiecesTM to install. Contractors and designers can reduce time and labor costs and have a safe, trouble-free lighting system, while owners benefit from energy-efficiency, factory-alignment and testing, as well as substantial reduction of wasted spill light. With 10 Club Service®, Musco's 10-year maintenance warranty program, you won't need to worry about lighting for the next decade.

Musco Lighting: 800-825-6030

Cut-off Lighting System

LSI Courtsider Sports Lighting manufactures and supplies full cut-off lighting systems for tennis courts, inline hockey rinks, skateparks and basketball courts. The Aerosystem® by LSI Courtsider Sports Lighting was the tennis court lighting system of choice for the WaterColor Tennis Center in Seagrove Beach, Fla. The facility was recently selected by the American Sports Builders Association (ASBN) as Tennis Facility of the Year.

LSI Courtsider Sports Lighting: 800-794-3448

Make it the Right Light

The new 2005 Ruud Lighting full-line catalog assists electrical contractors in selecting the right fixtures for their lighting project needs. The 300-page, full-color catalog contains detailed product descriptions and photos, performance photometrics, and application photography. A number of new products and design improvements also are featured. New products include two Compact Fluorescent High Bays and expanded selections in the Exit/Emergency and Track categories. Product innovations include redesigned optical systems for Area Cutoff and Parking/Roadway fixtures and an installer-friendly Wall Mount Box. Ruud Lighting sells factory-direct to electrical contractors, distributors, and other construction and lighting-industry professionals.

Ruud Lighting: 800-236-7000

Appealing Atmosphere

The new patent-pending XL Indirect Fixture from Best Lights, Inc. comes either in base-up or base-down designs depending on the application. The XL-DIG Direct-Indirect Fixture allows 40-percent direct light and 60-percent indirect light to create an appealing atmosphere. The XL fixtures save energy with new pulse start technology and Best Lights reflective design. Club owners can get more light over the life of the bulb, less color shift, half the startup time and a quiet remote ballast. The new XL line is available using metal halide from 250 to 1,000 watts.

Best Lights, Inc.: 800-545-2928

A Flood of Security

For engineers specifying lighting for outdoor shopping malls, hotels, parking lots, sports areas and other security-sensitive areas, Appleton offers its AreamasterTM 250/400, a compact, energy-efficient floodlight that combines state-of-the-art design with stylish elegance. The integrally ballasted AreamasterTM can be used with high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps and mercury vapor lamps. Installation is fast and easy, with a choice of pole or yoke mounting. The weather-proof design includes one-piece pressure-clad housing machined from copper-free aluminum and finished with rich bronze polyester. For an added measure of protection against adverse environments, the lens is made of thermal-shock, impact-resistant glass.

EGS Electrical Group Appleton: 800-621-1506

Vapor-Tight Light

The Vanguard series of vapor-tight lighting fixtures is effective for industrial-styled interiors and exterior settings that require extra protection, such as parking lots, walkways, as well as recreation, educational, institutional and health-care applications. Suitable for use in wet locations, all models are fully gasketted to seal against moisture and exposure to the elements, including dust, fumes and insects. The Vanguard series is available in pendant, ceiling and wall-mount configurations, with choice of incandescent, compact fluorescent or H.I.D. lamping. Fixtures are supplied with clear tempered glass cylinders, protected by die-cast guards, with frosted or color diffusers also available by special order.

Luraline Products Company: 800-940-6588

Put Electricity on a Pedestal

Replace unsightly and expensive-to-install strut-mounted electrical equipment with a Milbank commercial pedestal. Commercial pedestals protect all electrical equipment inside a lockable, vandal-resistant type 3R pad-mounted cabinet. Utility meter and lug landing compartments are completely isolated from customer distribution and control equipment. Commercial pedestals can be used for controlling parking lot, athletic field or street light fixtures, or for sprinkler and irrigation control. Equipment, including meter sockets, timers, clocks, photoelectric cells, power receptacles, surge protection, branch and main breakers, and more can all be factory-installed.

Milbank Manufacturing Company: 866-483-5314

More Light, Less Fixtures

With ICA's Turbo Caindle®, you'll see your game in a whole new light. The Turbo Caindle® provides more uniform, glare-free lighting output per fixture than other indirect fixtures. More light output per fixture means fewer fixtures are needed to achieve optimal illumination on the courts. Fewer fixtures means lower utility bills. The economically priced fixtures are easy to maintain, clean and re-lamp and include long-lasting 1,000-watt metal halide bulbs encased in a durable and impact-resistant spun-steel housing. A pendant-mounted design allows for easy installation. With Turbo Caindle®, your game has never looked better.

ICA: 800-373-4262