A Butterfly Emerges

The new Butterfly Crawl Tube from PlayworldTM adds excitement to any play space. Kids move up and down like a butterfly as they climb through the up-and-down design of the tube. The whimsical butterfly-shaped entrances provide plenty of space for kids to fit through and peek out. The tube is available in a variety of colors and also comes in S-shaped or straight designs.

Playworld Systems: 800-233-8404

No Flush, Lots of Style

Two new urinals from Falcon Waterfree Technologies expand style and installation options for zero-water-consumption urinals. The new vitreous china models provide exceptional durability and performance. European styling offers attractive options, and the smaller size is effective for installations with limited space. These two new models expand the line to five models of urinals. Each waterfree urinal saves an average of 40,000 gallons of water and sewer charges per year. Independent studies show that Falcon Waterfree urinals are more hygienic than flush-style urinals, and with no flushing mechanism, mechanical maintenance is eliminated. A patented cartridge helps create odor-free operation.

Falcon Waterfree Technologies: 616-954-3570

High-Tech Tee Times

Next Evolution Technologies, Inc., a developer of computerized management solutions for the golf and resort industries, has released its latest software package that not only provides a complete suite of business and customer management applications for golf courses but also incorporates an innovative tee-time reservation module that gives the course operator full control of managing tee times. NevoGolf effectively eliminates problems associated with online scheduling, such as uncontrolled off-site scheduling, double bookings and tee times that have been erased. The software is also a fully integrated golf-course management, tee-time and POS solution.

Next Evolution Technologies, Inc.: 818-543-4777

It's Easy Being Green

Adventure Golf Services offers TourLinksTM , one of the first modular putting green systems created for both in-ground and above-ground use. The above-ground greens have edge panels to contain golf balls within the putting service, while in-ground greens do not have edges, so they look and play like an outdoor putting green, according to the manufacturer, Creative Sports Concepts. The TourLinksTM system is less costly than synthetic or real turf putting greens and can be installed in minutes, rather than days. Standard above-ground shapes come in a variety of sizes, and custom sizes are available for both above- and in-ground models.

Adventure Golf Services: 231-922-8166

Name Recognition

WOW Playgrounds can create the playground you dream of, with your city's logo. Just released from WOW Playgrounds is the beautiful custom-routed panel created for the city of Miami's Lummus Park. It incorporates the city logo, with a note to visitors explaining where they can report problems. It is explicitly routed and mounted on an attractive WOW Playground that has a wide range of exciting features including Custom EclipseTM roofs that offer 40 percent more shade and a clampless system for a cleaner look.

Wow Playgrounds: 866-WOW-PLAY (969-7529)

Flag Ceremony

With Draper's newest product, you can make dramatic flag presentations in any gymnasium or auditorium. Draper's Patriot is a ceiling-suspended housing that contains a U.S. flag, state flag or banner on a motorized roller. When it's time for the National Anthem or Pledge of Allegiance, "Old Glory" appears at the touch of a switch or wireless transmitter. Press another button, and the flag retracts into the housing, getting it out of spectators' line of vision and protecting it. The Patriot includes a sewn nylon flag, displayed vertically or horizontally. The flag measures 12 feet by 18 feet, with both mountings.

Draper Inc.: 765-987-7999

Field Markings

Jiffy Line Strippers, a leading field-marking manufacturer since 1961, has beefed-up its product line with the addition of the Industrial OHV four-horsepower Honda engine. The Model 5000 continues to be a top choice for heavy-use programs and is available with seven- and 12-gallon stainless-steel tanks. All Jiffy Strippers and field-marking paints are backed by a same-day shipping policy.

Jiffy Line Strippers: 800-844-5002

Earth-Conscious Play Time

BigToys, Inc. now offers its commercial playground equipment in steel and recycled-plastic materials, meaning BigToys has one of the highest percentages of recycled material found in commercial play equipment. The full line of BigToys early childhood and school-age play structures now is available made from 6-inch-diameter, triple-coated steel posts and 100-percent post-consumer recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. These materials are in addition to BigToys' EPA-approved, conditioned wood products. Slip-resistant HDPE is used for decks, enclosures, roofs and other elements. In 2004, BigToys removed polyvinyl chloride (PVC) from its products to help reduce children's exposure to potentially hazardous material.

BigToys, Inc.: 866-814-8697