A Lesson in Utility

Columbia ParCar Corporation has added the new Summit Utility Vehicle to its exciting Summit product line. This new vehicle features an automotive-style roof; safety glass windshield; head, tail and stop lights; tubular steel front bumper; rear steel bumper; adjustable automotive-style fabric-covered individual seats with folding armrests; automotive suspension; digital battery-discharge indicator; horn; and black-painted steel diamond plate rear deck. Effective for multipurpose use on-road or non-road, the Summit is available as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle as well. The SUV-NEV package makes the Summit street-legal on roads with posted speed limits up to 35mph in many states.

Columbia ParCar Corporation: 608-524-8888

Ice for the Whole Pack

Manitowoc Ice, Inc., a leading manufacturer of commercial ice machines for the food-service industry, integrates beauty, brains and brawn into its new line of high-volume ice machines. The S1400 and S1800 models sport the new sleek exterior design of the traditional S-Series line, as well as incorporate cutting-edge technology and produce large quantities of ice without over-burdening the equipment. These 48-inch-wide machines are Manitowoc's production powerhouses, with ice capacities from 1,450 pounds to 1,180 pounds of dice or half-dice cubes per day. Applications include theme parks, institutional kitchens or cafeterias, and casinos. Patented technology reduces energy requirements.

Manitowoc Food-service Group: 800-545-5720

Moving on Up

The ever-evolving world of playgrounds now has the Megatower, a giant, three-level structure that provides kids with safe, enclosed access to a fun play environment. It has oversized stacked octagon decks with as many as eight activities at each level. Far from the days of playgrounds with a swing, see-saw and slide, the Megatower and junior tower continue the trend of bigger and better, challenging kids with new and exciting things. The highest enclosed tube slide descends from 14 feet above ground. With three levels, various slides and endless play options, the Megatower appeals to children ages 5 to 12.

Miracle Recreation Equipment Company, division of PlayPower, Inc.: 800-523-4202

Grass That Takes Abuse

If you're looking for a bermuda grass that can stand up to the stress and demands of big-time sports to the wear and tear of football and soccer cleats to the punishment of baseball slides, dives and spikes, TifSport fits the bill. TifSport has outstanding color, disease resistance and cold hardiness, performing with flying colors in stadiums as far north as FedEx Field in Landover, Md. You know what's important for a playing field: outstanding density, turf strength and turf quality, and a grass that recovers quickly from day-in and day-out abuse. That's just what TifSport has been bred to do.

TifSport: 888-584-6598

Ban Basement Floods

Prevent basement flooding and messy floors with General Pipe Cleaner's Flood-Guard®. Available for 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch floor drains, the Flood-Guard® operates like a check valve to seal off water backup caused by overloaded sewers. Water flows normally through the drain until the sewer begins to back up. Then the Flood-Guard® float rises to seal off the drain opening until the water recedes. A screwdriver and a few minutes are all you need to install the Flood-Guard®. Once in place, it can prevent property damage and a messy cleanup job. The Flood-Guard® also is available in a stand pipe model.

General Pipe Cleaners, div. of General Wire Spring Co.: 800-245-6200

Irrigate Without Irritation

Have you ever experienced the feeling of a lack of power? This can be frustrating when your irrigation control system site has no available power to run the controller, or the cost of acquiring the power and installing a dedicated meter is prohibitive. DIG has a solution for these situations: Light Energized Irrigation Technology (LEIT), a solar-powered irrigation controller. Needing only ambient light to control up to 28 stations, LEIT operates 24/7 in all weather conditions, day or night. DIG's high-quality irrigation products also include a complete line of drip and micro-irrigation, filters, tubing, valves and controllers.

DIG Irrigation Products: 760-727-0914

Customize Your Slide

The Avalanche is the newest triple sectional slide on the market, and it's exclusively by Park Structures. The slide offers endless design possibilities, with a multitude of configurations available from 32-inch to 96-inch deck heights. Customize your own multicolor Avalanche by choosing a different color for each roto-molded slide section, giving your play structure a unique and fun appearance. With maximum kid capacity and special features, The Avalanche is a dynamic addition to any playground project.

Park Structures: 800-727-1907