Ready for Action

Action Floor Systems, a leading manufacturer of premium hardwood maple sports floors, has added a multiuse, polyurethane floor to its product line. Action Herculan® is a high-performance, monolithic, non-porous floor featuring urethane topcoat, 2-millimeter coat of seamless, self-leveling polyurethane over a sealed rubber base mat. Available exclusively through Action Floor Systems, the Herculan® floor provides high uniformity of play and is extremely durable, with excellent tear and tensile strength. A DIN-certified version is available in Herculan® PE. Choose from 16 colors, including shades of beige, gray, green, blue and red. Action hardwood sports floors are constructed of hard maple timber.

Action Floor Systems: 800-746-3512

Easy Adhesive

Nordot® Urethane Adhesive #113D is pourable for easy application and spreading and can be used in applications such as the maple flooring being bonded to a plywood subfloor shown. The adhesive fights mold, has negligible odor, is low hazard, and is both installer- and environmentally friendly. It can be used "as is" straight from its pail or "jobsite customized" to change and/or improve or adjust properties. For example, adding just 1 pint of VOC exempt acetone per five-gallon pail greatly reduces viscosity, while 2 ounces of catalyst greatly speeds cure time.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 908-233-6803

Carpet Meets Rubber

SportWeaveTM Fitness Flooring combines the comfortable appearance of carpet with the versatility, easy maintenance and durability of rubber. Its polypropylene fiber withstands moisture, stains and long-term placement of free weights and selectorized machines. The fast-drying surface is antimicrobial, so it won't rot, stain or mildew, and it is cleaned with standard shampooing. Backed by a seven-year abrasive wear warranty, SportWeaveTM comes in a wide variety of colors and textures and can be custom cut into patterns, curves, borders and logos. It's an effective solution for foyers, walkways, offices, weight rooms, cardio areas, group cycling areas, locker rooms, and child-care rooms.

Centaur Floor Systems, LLC: 800-536-9007

Interlocking System

Customer who are looking for a high-quality, economically priced rubber flooring that is quick and easy to install can choose Dinoflex Interlocking Sport Mat Flooring. The innovative precision-cut interlocking system is superior to many molded interlocking products and will provide a seamless, uniform look without the mess of adhesive or double-sided tape. This fully reversible product can be turned all at once or as needed to renew high-wear areas. The flooring is durable, slip- and stain-resistant, golf spike-resistant, and low-maintenance. It reduces muscle fatigue and is sound- and shock-absorbing. Dinoflex comes with a five-year warranty.

Dinoflex Manufacturing Ltd.: 877-713-1899

Rubber Surface

RB Rubber produces brilliantly colored, high-quality performance rubber surfacing for weight rooms, entrances, commercial and multipurpose applications. Environmentally friendly RB Rubber is responsible for recycling more than 4 million tires annually. RB Rolled Rubber, RB Mega-Lock, RB Flec-Lock and RB Athletic Mats are distributed nationwide.

RB Rubber: 800-525-5530

High Performance

PaviGym is one of the only true high-performance fitness flooring and exercise mat companies in the world. PaviGym manufactures interlocking EVA flooring for group exercise, cardio areas, free-weight rooms, body/mind classes and martial arts. Also available is the Comfort Mat, a high-quality exercise and rehab mat. The PaviGym line features the patented Air Comfort Technology in which micro-bubbles of air compress on impact, absorbing shock and then rebounding to provide the right amount of energy return. PaviGym features a five-year warranty and an antibacterial and stain-resistant surface. It installs easily without special floor preparation or adhesive.

PaviGym: 281-312-4337

Store Your Floor

CoverSports USA offers its mini storage rack, designed to store floor coverings where space is limited The Mini-Rack, which holds 5-foot-wide cover sections, is effective for gym area floors measuring less than 55 feet wide by 100 feet long. The CoverSports Mini-Rack measures only 34 inches wide, 6-feet-6-inches high and 6-feet-6-inches long, yet it can hold up to 12 sections of floor covering. The five-foot sections are easy to deploy and retract.

CoverSports USA: 800-445-6680

Serve up Quality

Anderson Courts and Sports Surfaces, Inc. is a traveling, specialty court construction company that designs and installs complete international squash and racquetball systems. It offers three superior playing wall surfaces depending on your preference. These include Armourcoat hard plaster from England, Doweloc edge-grain maple and Fiberesin high-density panels. Anderson's Interflex cushioned maple floor system has been designed for squash court flexibility and ball bounce consistency. The company also installs the world squash accredited Ellis Pearson glass wall system and all court accessories. Wood and synthetic gymnasiums and other athletic room floors, plus custom wood lockers also are available.

Anderson Court and Sports Surfaces, Inc.: 716-759-1214