Flooring That's Tough

Designed to last up to 50 years with only periodic cleaning, DD LinoTM Multipurpose Flooring is a sports floor system made with all-natural, renewable materials. Available in more than 30 colors and several designs, this extremely durable (4mm thick) area-elastic surface withstands the punishment of high-frequency indoor sports and community activities, including inline skating. It needs no re-coating or re-surfacing, doesn't show wear spots, and is nontoxic and antimicrobial. It is also one of the only multipurpose floors to meet the new DIN Standards. Widely used throughout Europe, DD LinoTM is available in North America through Schelde Sports Floors.

Schelde Sports Floors: 888-724-3533

Superior Durability

Designed for superior resilience and durability, Everlast floors are a leading choice for long-lasting value in fitness and high-performance areas. Available in custom cut roll lengths and tile dimensions to fit any area, Everlast flooring comes in 19 standard colors with custom color and logo capabilities. New Everlast Ultra Tiles are specifically for high-performance needs. The one-inch-thick tiles surpass the noise and shock absorptive capabilities of many other fitness flooring products and are modular in design to allow for easy installation and reconfiguration. All products are made in the United States from high-quality recycled rubber.

Dodge-Regupol, Inc.: 888-383-7655

New Air Base

MatéflexTM Modular Surfaces, a leading manufacturer of modular flooring, offers the TileFlexTM solid top tile for basketball, aerobics and multiuse sports surfacing. TileFlexTM is innovative because a high-quality luxury vinyl tile inserts neatly into a base module, forming a single, snap-together unit. The base features a specially designed raised rim that protects the insert from chipping or other damage. TileFlexTM is made of high-impact polypropylene and has hundreds of support pegs that raise the tile above the existing floor. This allows for airflow, keeps the tile away from dampness and permits portability. A popular wood grain look is available.

Mateflex Modular Surfaces: 800-926-3539