MANITOWOC FOODSERVICE GROUP has emerged as a dominant source for food-service equipment, offering a broad line of cold-focused products such as ice machines, ice/beverage dispensers and commercial refrigeration. The Manitowoc Foodservice Group comprises three divisions and six brand names. The three divisions are Manitowoc Beverage, Manitowoc Ice and Manitowoc Refrigeration. Within the Beverage division are Servend and Multiplex; within the Ice division is Manitowoc Ice; and within the Refrigeration division are Kolpak, McCall and Harford.

Manitowoc Foodservice Group: 920-652-2704


When you research new tables, make sure they are truly lightweight. Most plastic tables weigh just as much as particle board tables. SOUTHERN ALUMINUM'S products are crafted from aircraftgrade aluminum, allowing for lightweight products and a lifetime guarantee. The Web site showcases the Alulite™ folding tables, Mardi Gras Banquet Tables®, Designer Series® seminar/training tables and Alulite™ portable stages. Alulite™ tables weigh 35 percent less than the lightweight competitors and will withstand any abuse you dole out.

Southern Aluminum: 800-221-0408


COMTEC'S Web site features a complete product list, dealer map and company overview, all prominently described on the homepage, making it easy for users to access information with one quick click. Flagship product photos of partitions and lockers are highlighted on the homepage as well. Several new product updates in process will be added soon, and more information and improvements are slated for later this year.

Comtec Industries: 800-445-5148


Since 1947, ADOLPH KIEFER & ASSOCIATES has been providing "everything but the water" for swimmers of all ages and abilities. The Web site carries a comprehensive line of aquatics equipment to outfit any pool, team or guard staff with the latest technology at competitive prices. Kiefer has been an active supplier and sponsor to every Olympic swimming competition since 1948. Kiefer also continues its proud support of other international competitions including the Pan American and Goodwill Games.

Adolph Kiefer & Associates: 800-323-4071


DYNAMO PLAYGROUNDS has been revolutionizing the playground industry with its rotating climbers, innovative swings, space-saving basketball, climbing boulders and playnets. The dynamic games incorporate elements of movement, balance, exercise and teamwork, while exceeding today's heightened safety concerns. Dynamo Playgrounds believes that kids deserve to play on high-quality equipment, using the most steel reinforcement and highest quality materials in the industry. No playground is complete without these innovative games that leave you "hooked on the feeling."

Dynamo Playgrounds: 800-790-0034


As the original designer and manufacturer of modern yurts, PACIFIC YURTS offers easy-to-install structures with strength, comfort and reliability. Yurts are popular at campgrounds, golf courses, ski and other recreation areas for lodging, meeting space and special events. Your guests will return for the unique, cozy experience of the all-season yurts.

Pacific Yurts, Inc.: 800-944-0240


SPORTSART'S multiple innovations provide a new generation of cardio products designed to deliver more effective and efficient workouts for the user and superior value and longevity for the facility. With more than 20 years of design and manufacturing excellence to its credit, SportsArt firmly is established as one of the world's premier fitness brands. The breakthrough innovations position the company as a technical and performance leader in commercial cardio products.

SportsArt Fitness: 800-709-1400


Check out the CXT PRECAST PRODUCTS Web site for downloads of building brochures and drawings. The site contains useful information on proper site selection, along with a video of a recent installation. You can also check out the latest news and where to see CXT at upcoming trade events. Watch for the new 3-D drawings that allow you to walk through the building and see all the features of a specific floor plan.

CXT Inc.: 800-696-5766