Visit LINCOLN EQUIPMENT INC.'S Web site for access to the new 152-page commercial catalog. For more than 50 years, the Lincoln catalog has set a standard for commercial swimming pool equipment and aquatic supplies. The catalog is available in a PDF format, so you can view it and print pages of interest. The Web site also offers information regarding upcoming trade shows, educational opportunities sponsored by Lincoln and ordering details. You'll soon be able to shop online.

Lincoln Equipment, Inc.: 800-223-5450


If you want to make a positive contribution to the creation or revitalization of a play area, Splashpads® are a proven solution. Visit the VORTEX AQUATIC STRUCTURES INTL. Web site to find out more about Splashpads®, one of the coolest things in parks. The Web site features information to assists in the development of your project. With more than 1,800 Splashpad® installations worldwide and more than a decade of experience, Vortex continues to help reinvent aquatic recreation.

Vortex Aquatic Structures Intl.: 877-5-VORTEX (586-7839)


Create beautiful beaches by taking the trash and leaving the sand. Clear sand of cigarette butts, trash, seaweed, broken shells, stones and rocks with a Cherrington Beachcleaner. Screen landscape sites, beaches, horse arenas, ball fields or infield mix to a size you choose on-site. CHERRINGTON BEACHCLEANERS are self-loading and clean sand by sifting through oscillating screens, sending debris into a half-inch-cubic-yard hydraulically controlled, ground-dump hopper. New EZ-change screens allow one person to change screens on-site.

Cherrington: 800-966-1588


LITCHFIELD LANDSCAPE ELEMENTS offers a wide selection of shelters and gazebos. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and styles for the Pittsburgh All- Steel Series shelters with bolted, tubular steel frames; the Steel Beam Series with wood roof decks; and the Laminated Series with wood shelters. A complete line of site furnishings, including litter receptacles, planters, tables, benches and more, adds the finishing touch to your landscape project.

Litchfield Industries, Inc.: 800-542-5282


MURDOCK, INC. celebrates more than 150 years manufacturing some of the best drinking fountains, hydrants and shower equipment available today. Built with the finest materials, Murdock products last for generations. The Cincinnati-based company prides itself on U.S.-made raw goods that, in turn, are made into fountains, hydrants and water service equipment. The finished products are made with recycled materials. A complete line of Safewater® devices now is available to protect public drinking water.

Murdock, Inc.: 800-453-7465


JADE DISTRIBUTION offers a complete line of locker room amenities. You'll find everything you need including dispensers and containers, combs, razors, body wash, shampoo, hair dryers, lotions, towels, and more. Jade Distribution specializes in servicing locker room amenity needs of large upscale athletic clubs. Jade can show you how to get products at low prices. Jade also can print your logo in full color on all dispensers and retail lines, free of charge.

Jade Distribution: 800-785-5233


BROCK has been distributing a top-of-the-line selection of aquatic products for more than 25 years. Brock serves its customers with respect and product knowledge in a friendly and professional environment. Brock knows pool equipment. Visit the Web site for the most updated product information and details about the new leasing program.

Brock Ent: 800-332-2360


Whether you're considering an indoor or outdoor operation, you can call on ATEC™ and purchase the same equipment used by Major League Baseball® for more than 25 years. ATEC™'s coin-operated, computercontrolled electronics and Automated Retrieval System offer some of the greatest flexibility in design and automation available for systems that range from three to nine hitting stations.

ATEC: 800-775-ATEC (2832)