From Hands to Feet

The new Model 580 SM from Most Dependable Fountains, Inc. is a combination foot and shower tower that provides a cool, refreshing spray for rinsing off the sand and a sand-free ADA drinking fountain with a maintenance-friendly design. Sand typically prevents proper drainage on many drinking fountains, but on the Model 580 SM, the sand trough design directs the water and sand to an external location to prevent clogging. The solid stainless-steel bubbler, showerheads and controls endure the harshest circumstances, making them vandal-resistant and user-friendly. This Sand Solution Station is available in nine standard colors or stainless steel.

Most Dependable Fountains, Inc.: 800-552-6331

Go Barefoot

Cherrington offers the 740 Beachcleaner, a four-foot screener that screens out cigarette butts, trash, seaweed, broken shells, stones and rocks, cleaning up to five inches deep. Cherrington Beachcleaners are self-loading and clean sand by sifting it through oscillating screens while sending debris into a half-cubic-yard hydraulically controlled, ground-dump hopper, all from the comfort of your tractor seat. The Cherrington screening method offers five different screen options with hole sizes 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch, 3/4-inch and 1-inch. New EZ-change screens allow one person to change the screens onsite to meet your screening specifications. Redesigned overhead conveyor flights enhance sand and debris separation.

Cherrington: 800-437-9779

Spic-and-Span Sand

H. Barber & Sons, Inc., a world leader in the manufacture of beach cleaners, showcases its compact, walk-behind sand cleaner. The Barber Sand Man easily and efficiently removes debris from beaches, playgrounds, volleyball courts, golf bunkers, infields and horse tracks. Every form of debris—including stones, wood, broken glass, cigarette ends and animal droppings—is removed. A cleaner, safer and more enjoyable recreation area is created. The highly maneuverable Barber Sand Man has a working speed of up to 3.4 mph. The unit is hot-dip galvanized for superior corrosion-resistance. Barber beach cleaners are durable, dependable and economical.

H. Barber & Sons, Inc.: 800-355-8318

Spike and Dive

You can count on CRS to offer a new dimension to the game of volleyball. Imagine diving for the ball and splashing into the water. This innovative floating volleyball court is so much fun you won't want to stop playing. Totally portable, this inflatable court can go in a pool or on land, made of a commercial-grade PVC vinyl and able to set up in just minutes. The net is adjustable to two heights, and the anchor bags allow you to keep the unit in place. It comes with adjustable perimeter float lines and stakes for marking the court.

Commercial Recreation Specialists: 877-896-8442

Columns of Water

Shower Tower is one of the only outdoor showers constructed of a high-grade polymer/plastic designed for beach, volleyball, park and resort/pool use. Shower Tower's vandal-resistant design includes the column that never rusts or needs painting; self-closing, push-button control valves; and severe service, stainless and chrome-plated brass fixtures and hardware. Columns provide up to six user stations arranged in any combination of showerheads and foot-wash nozzles. The unit is easy to install and maintain.

Shower Tower Inc.: 800-330-9073

Heavy-Duty Dock

EZ Dock, Inc., a subsidiary of PlayPower, Inc., offers the EZ Port 4, a versatile marina docking solution that is capable of bearing more than 1 ton of weight, more than many similar products. With a weight tolerance of more than 2,000 pounds, EZ Port 4 is for customers with four-seat personal watercrafts or boats up to 20 feet in length. No winching, cranking or pumping is required. Just drive on and push off. Because EZ Port 4, like all EZ Port products, is a one-piece unit that can be used alone or with other docks, installation is simple.

EZ Dock: 800-654-8168

Sanitary Sand

Keeping sand areas clean is important to beaches, waterfronts and other sand environments for health and hygiene purposes. The Nolte Bc1000 sand cleaner is an easy-to-use, multipurpose, motor-driven unit that removes all types of pollutants in small and medium-size sand areas like beaches, waterfronts, horse tracks, playgrounds and golf-course bunkers. Collected waste and rubbish are automatically transported to a collecting bin for easy removal.

Pifer Inc.: 888-442-8442