Keep it Real

Sport Rock Intl., Inc. has created some of the most realistic climbing walls and boulders in the industry with the look and feel of natural stone. The state-of-the-art fabrication process allows for the flexibility to incorporate almost any natural rock feature into the climbing walls and accommodate the specifications and requirements that are distinctive in each project. The wall design and construction is performed by licensed architects, engineers and contractors to meet or exceed CWIG standards. Sport Rock is happy to provide plans and specifications for you to make your own Sport Rock wall a success.

Sport Rock Intl. Inc.: 805-481-5686

Climb out of the Stone Age

A climbing wall will attract new business, but the trick is to keep people coming back. Pyramide has addressed that issue by creating some of the most attractive, cutting-edge, dynamic climbing systems on the market today. Pyramide has a true modular system that can be reconfigured by panel placement, orientation, hold placement and wall pitch. Get the most out of your investment, rather than get stuck with a rock you can't move. Pyramide has more than 3,000 customers worldwide.

Pyramide USA, Inc.: 800-736-2873

Climbing Island

The LedgeWall® system from Brewer's Ledge is a sculpted prefinished climbing surface that can be used to create cost-effective and attractive climbing walls of all types. They are easy to install on any building wall. Applied directly to gym walls, they provide safe and attractive traversing walls. With structural framing, fun top-roped walls can be created. Preframed as modules, they bolt together to create freestanding bouldering "islands" as pictured. These also are effective for court conversions. Each section has 54 pre-installed threaded inserts. The LedgeWall surface is fabricated from premium exterior-grade plywood for indoor or outdoor use.

Brewer’s Ledge: 800-707-9616

Keep Your Budget from Climbing

Price isn't everything, but it does make a difference. PlayScapeH2O believes you shouldn't spend most of your park budget on a climbing structure. El Kap is sensitive to this by offering more climb for the dollar. It includes 80 professional handholds and 360 degrees of bouldering fun. It's installed at 6- to 8-feet and is lightweight, yet durable, easy to install, and effective for existing parks as well as new construction.

PlayScapeH2O: 801-388-0576

Make Wall Space

Park Structures offers the MaxClimb Quest climber. The Quest is an innovative combination of cable and sculpted plastic that fits into playgrounds with limited space, while still allowing for visibility of the entire playground. The component offers solid-surface vertical and lateral climbing, as well as cabling that creates a different experience with each step. Design a playground structure using the Quest as a deck-to-deck link or update an existing playground with the freestanding version.

Park Structures: 800-727-1907

Top of the Tunnel

The new RockBlocksTM Tunnel is the latest addition to the popular RockBlocksTM family. The real rock-like appearance and texture lets kids imagine they are rock-climbing pioneers. This low-to-the-ground tunnel gives kids of all ages a safe way to climb up, over, under and through. The bolt-through hand-holds allow kids to safely climb over the top of the tunnel, while others crawl and play underneath. Anchored with five posts, the tunnel comes in 10 roto-molded colors.

Playworld Systems: 800-233-8404

Buckle Up

Edelweiss Challenge Sit Harness is designed for easy of use and is one of Liberty Mountain's best-selling harnesses. The 3so buckle system is easy to use and doesn't require doubling back. It even includes two gear loops that can be repositioned. The Challenge is also an effective choice for gyms and ropes courses because of its bomber construction and simple adjustability. Also offered is the Dino, a children's version of the challenge. CE-certified, the Challenge weighs 390 grams, and the Dino weighs 330 grams.

Liberty Mountain: 888-90-CLIMB (902-5162)

Replicate Any Rock

Monolithic Sculptures creates some of the world's most finely crafted climbing structures with a focus on safety, functionality and aesthetic appeal. The patented GeoSculptTM process provides limitless possibilities. The color, texture, shape and climbing features found on any type of rock can be replicated, as well as an infinite number of sculptural themes. Products include Monuments, which are scaled replications of famous rock formations or manmade icons, such as Stonehenge or Delicate Arch; Standards, which are natural and sculptural pre-designed boulders; Originals, which are sculptural concept models ranging from furniture to climbing boulders; and Exclusives, which are custom climbing sculptures.

Monolithic Sculptures: 303-282-1117