Kids Can Climb Too offers everything you need to get started with a climbing program at your school, at a price that's lower than you'd expect. All the top-quality products, from climbing walls to handholds and landing mats to fun accessories, are designed for young climbers, so your students can learn safe climbing techniques in a controlled environment. The curriculum helps teach the basics of climbing, such as safety, technique and training. Plus, kids learn skills for life, such as teamwork, communication, group cooperation, interpersonal skills and the encouragement of others. Climbing is a great addition to your education or recreation program. 651-209-0665

Watch for Boulders

Available in three sizes, Nicros boulders are effective for parks and playgrounds. Up to 9 feet tall, the three boulders provide numerous natural climbing features for little climbers. The boulders are molded from real rock, made of UV-resistant fiberglass and come with an anti-graffiti coating. They also are available in the same fiber reinforced concrete that is used in the A.R.T.WallTM and makes for a product that lasts a lifetime. Installation is as simple as placing the boulder on an existing slab or footing and bolting them down. Add a landing surface, and they are ready to be climbed.

Nicros: 800-699-1975

High Appeal Value

Grip-It Adventures is an innovator in the design and manufacture of rock climbing wall systems. Through the company's superior engineering, the passion for quality, innovation and safety, Grip-It has gained a reputation of being able to make clients' dreams come true. The high-quality and creative climbing walls combine character and strong visual appeal. All projects receive the highest level of care in design and construction, using only the highest quality materials. With more than 10 years of building experience, Grip-It has become a leader in the industry.

Grip-It Adventures: 877-510-2084

Unnaturally Fun

The Crystal Climber is one of the largest unitary concrete sculptures every produced for the recreation industry. It is designed to provide all the classic bouldering moves, including overhangs and chimneys. It also limits flat areas on top to minimize climbers roosting there. Grips are attached with both stainless screws and extremely aggressive adhesive. At just over 10 feet high and 10 feet long, the Crystal Climber is a natural for play areas, parks and urban centers. It makes for an "un-natural" place to play.

Beckwith Associates, Inc.: 707-887-7954

Good Impressions

Red Rock climbing panels use state-of-the-art modular panel system construction. These polyurethane plastic molded panels are crafted from natural granite impressions, providing superior "real look" rock wall structures. Red Rock panels feature an extruded T-6061 aluminum frame designed into the body of each panel, eliminating the need for elaborate steel structural framing behind the climbing wall. Red Rock walls require minimal carpentry sub-framing for the purpose of wall attachment. The walls provide seamless climbing surfaces with aggressive "relief." Each 4-foot-square panel provides 22 to 25 square feet of "actual climbing" surface. These portable walls take up minimal floor space.

Commercial Recreation Specialists: 877-896-8442