Post Protectors

New Ultra-Post Protectors reduce maintenance costs and improve the appearance of indoor and outdoor bumper posts. The lightweight, all-polyethylene units slide over existing posts—no tools or hardware required. The safety yellow protectors are available in two sizes to accommodate most bumper posts. A UV-inhibitor in the resin resists degrading effects of the sun, adding years to outdoor life. Ultra-Post Protectors pay for themselves by eliminating scraping, painting and other maintenance costs.

UltraTech International, Inc.: 800-353-1611

Backup Power Center

Florida's Orange County Convention Center attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each month to a variety of events. Its growing popularity has led to the center's constant expansion. The latest addition is a separate 2.8-million-square-foot exhibit and meeting space. To ensure the structure had a reliable supply of standby power for lighting, security and life-safety systems, the general contractor turned to Cummins Southeastern Power for an unconventional solution. The most unusual aspect is that the standby power system is located approximately one-half mile from the building. Generators are connected by a high-voltage, underground power line to minimize line losses.

Cummins Power: 763-574-5000

Big as Life

Just imagine sliding down an elephant's trunk, climbing his leg or being sheltered from the sun under his houdah style roof. Rajah is packed with play activities for up to 24 children. Choose from 11 different Tri-mold Poly PanelTM colors to create your own Wild Thing. Uprights, climbers and railings are available in 13 colors and slides in green, yellow, tan, blue and red. For more information, contact Recreation Creations, Inc.

Recreation Creations, Inc.: 800-766-9458