Net Worth

Quick setup, easy adjustment, rugged construction and innovative engineering are the hallmarks of Schelde volleyball net systems. Used by world-class health clubs and athletic facilities and by top collegiate and high-school programs, Schelde volleyball net systems feature high-tensile-strength Tecton duraluminum posts, knotless pre-tensioned nets and four-point net attachment for consistent net tension and easy setup by one person in only five minutes. Its Collegiate 4000 System allows you to accommodate a variety of net heights and net sports (volleyball, tennis, badminton) with a few easy adjustments. The systems fit virtually any make or model of floor sleeve.

Schelde North America: 888-SCHELDE (724-3533)

Interlocking Tiles

Ergomattas, made from recycled rubber and PVC, has an antimicrobial additive to help prevent the growth of microorganisms. Ergomattas creates a healthier environment in gym locker rooms and sports areas. The interlocking tile system is soft to walk on, yet totally slip-resistant when wet. There are three surfaces available: solid surface, micro-holes and 3/8-inch holes for wet areas such as pools and showers. All styles have complete drainage systems, which make Ergomattas effective for all sports areas. Together with its roll-up capabilities, Ergomattas is a superior floor system.

Mat Factory Inc.: 800-628-7626

Gym Improvements

If it's time to order new equipment for your gym, Schutt Sports Gym Upgrade Packages offer top-quality equipment including two backboards, two goals and two sets of backboard padding for one low price. In addition, by ordering all your equipment from Schutt, you can be sure that installation will be quick and easy. Packages include lifetime warranties on glass backboards, Schutt's top-of-the-line Gold Point Ultimate goals (which meet the 2004-2005 NCAA regulations on rim elasticity) and Tuff Stuff padding.

Schutt Sports: 800-637-2047

Gear up for Anything

AAI manufactures world-class athletic equipment for a variety of sports including basketball (BPI and Hydra-RIB brand names), volleyball, baseball, gymnastics and cheerleading. Its products include portable and ceiling-suspended basketball backstops, backboards, rims, pads and accessories; volleyball systems, referee platforms and accessories; gymnastics apparatus and mats; divider curtains; batting cages; and protective padding. A free catalog describes many of the products.

American Athletic, Inc. (AAI): 800-247-3978