Dasher Board Systems

Sport Systems Unlimited Corp. is a leading-edge company that manufactures and installs Arena Dasher Board Systems and accessories worldwide. Lightweight, structural aluminum extrusions, precision-machined and fabricated, produce high-class, competitively priced arena board systems. Concealed, mechanical fasteners and anodized aluminum extrusions provide for a durable, flexible and long-lasting dasher board system.

Sport Systems Unlimited Corp.: 877-778-5911

Everything for Ice

Burleys provides the national and international arena industry with turnkey ice and inline rink facilities, for both outdoor and indoor applications. With Burleys, you'll move through the various stages of rink design, rink construction and rink operation. The company offers design services, industrial manufacturing, professional installations and technical support as needed. Dependable and proven products include a range of rink piping systems, various styles of dasher boards, TurboChillerTM refrigeration systems, TermaFrost Subsoil Heating and dehumidification. You also can choose from arena supplies such as ice edgers, skate sharpeners, goal frame packages, rubber flooring, markless hockey pucks and more.

Burleys: 800-428-7539

Humidity Control

Concepts and Designs MS is a premier supplier of gas, steam and electric reactivated desiccant dehumidifiers for humidity control in ice arenas. Units are equipped to reduce humidity levels to decrease refrigeration operating costs, prevent mold, improve indoor air quality, and eliminate indoor condensation on the building and the boards. Systems include outdoor air ventilation coupled with heating and cooling, if required. Concepts and Designs MS has provided equipment for more than 300 skating surfaces throughout North America. The equipment is capable of controlling humidity in everything from small recreational rinks to major 20,000-seat spectator arenas.

Concepts and Designs MS: 248-344-7236

Arena Accessories

Raita Sport has a multi-line of steel and aluminum framed dasher board systems for ice hockey, inline and indoor soccer. It also provides a full line of arena accessories including safety netting and the Divide-A-Rink, a small dasher system that splits the ice into multiple playing surfaces. Raita Sport, is "building better boards," with qualified people manufacturing and installing high-quality products.

Raita Sport, "Div of The Welmar": 800-823-4523

Bring on the Blades

Roppe Corporation, a leading supplier of commercial rubber and vinyl flooring products and accessories, offers Spike/Skate Rubber Tile as an integral part of its rubber tile product line, designed for areas where spikes, skates and cleats are worn. The tile is a highly durable product that resists dents, punctures and cuts and is effective for high-traffic areas such as ice arenas, locker rooms, workout areas, and player walkways to sports fields and ballparks. Plus, the PVC-free rubber tiles are designed to last longer than other products under these particular conditions, making them a cost-effective choice.

Roppe Corporation: 800-537-9527

Ice Water Treatment

Jet Ice water treatment systems produce high-quality ice surfaces effective for professional programming. When it comes to saving money on your ice rink, consider the Pro Ice Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System manufactured by Jet Ice Limited. This system offers tremendous savings to clients in terms of paint costs, hydro, water usage, staff costs and maintenance during down time. The ice also freezes quickly and is clear with less snow than with other systems. The logos are appealing for television audiences, and on-ice sponsors have been pleased.

Jet Ice Limited: 905-853-4204

Wringing It

Des Champs offers two dehumidification systems to fulfill the requirements of ice rinks. The Wringer® 3000 and the Wringer® 3000 Plus (with energy recovery) desiccant dehumidifiers deliver dry air that maintains ice hardness, limits fogging and maintains structure integrity while minimizing costs. Both models can have up to three operational modes: unoccupied, using 100-percent recirculation air; normal occupied or practice mode, using minimum ventilation air; and event mode, using 100-percent of ASHRAE/IBC recommended ventilation air. Features include state-of-the-art DDC control systems for positive rink dew-point control and supplemental winter heating with indirect-fired gas, hot water, steam or electric.

Des Champs: 540-291-1111

Tough Tiles

Pawling's tough, premium 100-percent virgin rubber tiles are available in six vibrant school colors to look good while protecting floors against damage and wear. The innovative seamless hidden interlock system allows quick, no-glue installation with a superior finished appearance. The hammered surface on each tile features random, rounded indentations that reflect light to provide an appealing, high-end aesthetic. In addition, tracked-in dirt more readily floats off the surface during routine mopping and maintenance. With a total of 13 color choices and a Class 1 fire rating, Pawling's Hid-N-Lok 2 tile is an effective choice for designers and architects.

Pawling Corporation: 800-431-3456