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You can generate a lot of extra revenue by making your arena usable for a wide variety of non-ice events without needing to remove the ice. When you use Ice DeckTM from Covermaster®, your ice rink truly becomes a multiuse facility. Ice DeckTM consists of 4-foot-by-8-foot Homasote panels in 1-inch thickness. The panels are moisture-resistant, thermal insulating and are quickly and easily installed right over the ice. Ice DeckTM can be used again and again, either by itself or with the use of a Covermaster® protective cover to create a more decorative effect.

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Rink Layout Kit

Becker Arena Products, Inc. offers one of the most innovative products for the ice-rink industry in recent history, the UltimateT Vinyl Rink Layout Kit. Rinks have been painted for a long time, and some consider this an art form, but it's time-consuming. UltimateT Vinyl Rink Layout Kit is a solution that everyone has been looking for. This kit includes all the lines, circles, dots, goal creases and the referee's crease. The vinyl is strong, easy to install and can be re-used. The vinyl's open mesh allows water to seep through when flooding, so it lays flat without air pockets.

Becker Arena Products, Inc.: 800-234-5522