Concrete Structures

The newest structures from CXT Inc. have all the features desired in a restroom. From extended porches to cast-in-rock textures, CXT is pushing the concrete envelope and providing some of the most durable, functional and easy-to-maintain buildings available. The all precise concrete roof and walls provide a durable, vandal-resistant structure that can withstand the most severe conditions. The units are extremely easy to maintain; will not rot, rust or burn; and are impervious to insects eating them. Find out how easy it is to get one of these prefabricated concrete restroom/shower/concession/storage structures.

CXT Inc.: 800-696-5766

With Water or Without

Biological Mediation Systems, Inc. is a full-line manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated public restroom facilities and accessories. A leader in new technology for waterless restrooms, BMS successfully developed and patented the WRS system. This innovative technology effectively reduces pumping and provides odor-free restrooms. Choose from a variety of interior and exterior finish options and custom-design buildings for both waterborne and waterless installations. BMS offers design assistance, AutoCad services and engineering for your location. Also available are park entry stations, concession and shower buildings.

Biological Mediation Systems, Inc.: 800-524-1097

Go Before You Leave

Go-anywhere structures by Clivus Multrum, Inc. include this M54 Trailhead Composting Toilet System with double-stall structure. The Trailhead also is available in a single-stall configuration. The go-anywhere Trailhead comes in a variety of styles (all ADA-compliant) and can ship as either a kit or a prefabricated unit. Like all Clivus Multrum systems, the M54 is odorless, requires no water or sewer connection, and does not pollute.

Clivus Multrum, Inc.: 800-425-4887

In All Weather

Easi-Set® Industries offers its latest innovative line in transportable precast concrete buildings, the Double OutbackTM restroom, providing durability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Easi-Set® buildings use a patented, post-tensioned roof system that withstands all weather, temperature, impact and seismic conditions, and due to the steel reinforced precast concrete, buildings are vandal-resistant and have tamper-proof hinges, dead-bolt locks and 18-gauge galvanized steel insulated doors. The steel-formed interiors provide maintenance-free, smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces. All Easi-Set® Restrooms meet ADA standards and accessibility requirements. Installation is easy on these structures, which are locally manufactured throughout North American and delivered directly to your site.

Easi-Set Industries: 800-547-4045

Restroom Resource

Restroom Facilities Limited specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of public restrooms nationwide. With more than 15 years of restroom experience, the company is a restroom resource for the country. Your restroom is built in the 61,000-square-foot plant, shipped by truck and installed in just two to three days with the experienced crew. The process is completed on time, on budget and with minimum site disruption.

Restroom Facilities, Ltd.: 775-327-6060

Fiberglass Facilities

J.F. Fitzpatrick Industries' prefabricated, fiberglass restrooms are extremely economical, such as the Fitzpatrick waterflush 3-Pack, including a service bay, two standard restrooms and one barrier-free restroom, all installed for a low price. Seamless interiors mean no corners or crevices to collect dirt, plus fiberglass does not absorb bacteria. Users will appreciate the cleanliness, and privacy is assured by full walls and individual locker entrances. Fitzpatrick Industries has many designs and finishes to choose from. Units are adaptable to existing systems, come pre-wired and pre-plumbed, and are usually installed in one day.

J.F. Fitzpatrick Industries: 800-661-8366

Turnkey Toilet Systems

Romtec, Inc., a leading supplier of pre-engineered restroom buildings, offers free design and engineering services for a turnkey solution to any project. The extensive pre-engineered product line includes public restrooms, restroom/shower buildings and concession/multiuse facilities. Romtec's host of free design and engineering services includes detailed quotations, CAD drawings, building specifications, photos and installation details. Romtec professionals work closely with customers to choose the best building design for each project. Hundreds of models for both plumbed and waterless buildings are available in many floor plans and styles.

Romtec, Inc.: 541-496-3541