Mobile in Minutes

TranSport Mobile Bleachers are one of the only 10-row mobile bleachers available, offering you seating for 180, 260 or 300 spectators. Now you can easily and quickly move bleachers throughout your grounds or across town for events. All you need is one person and one truck, with nothing lost, bent or broken, and no injury to your operator from pulling or lifting. It takes just 10 minutes. These bleaches are effective for outdoor football, baseball and soccer games, track events, outdoor graduations, and many other applications.

Century Industries: 800-248-3371

Beat the Weather

Bison's Weatherbeater outdoor portable bleachers are built for long, trouble-free use with durable recycled poly ground runners to keep the hot-dip galvanized steel framework raised from the ground. Heavy-duty 2-inch-by-10-inch anodized aluminum seats and foot planks are used on the fully welded, hot-dip galvanized steel structure. Seats have aluminum end caps. Bison makes Weatherbeater bleachers in 7-foot, 15-foot and 21-foot lengths with either three or four tiers. The 15-foot planks can be powder-coated in your choice or combination of six colors: royal, scarlet, navy, forest, black or white.

Bison: 800-247-7668

Roll Call

Future Pro's Easy Store tip-and-roll portable bleachers provide a mobile solution to indoor seating and can be used outdoors when required. When in use, Easy Store bleachers rest on nonmarking rubber feet. Just lift the front, and the entire bleacher tilts onto the 4-inch transport casters for one person to easily move. Choose from 7-1/2 feet or 15-feet lengths in three or four tiers. Note the fully welded, hot-dip galvanized steel support structure, aluminum end caps on all planks and high-grade zinc-plated hardware. There's a five-year limited warranty on the structure, two-year on the planks.

Future Pro: 800-328-4625

Fold it Away

Hide-A-Bench, Inc., is an innovative provider of space-saving, patented, fold-away aluminum benches, which offer effective seating options to many industries in both public and private sectors. Units are available as either one- or two-tier folding benches intended to permanently attach to most flat surfaces. The benches extend less than six inches from the wall when in fold-up position, and require less than 38 inches for full extension. They can be set up quickly and easily by one person and seat up to 28 adults per 21-foot unit. Units are available from nine feet to 21 feet in three-foot intervals.

Hide-A-Bench, Inc.: 303-471-1362

Available Seating

Bleachers International fabricates and installs code-compliant, elevated or non-elevated all-aluminum bleachers that are OSHA-approved, durable and nearly maintenance-free. Large or small, permanent or portable, these bleachers are engineered to suit your new installation, renovation or rental project. Bleachers International also offers picnic tables and player benches.

Bleachers International, Inc.: 800-544-6658

No Saggy Seats

The biggest problem with telescopic bleachers is structural fatigue caused by improper operation, as well as downward loads in closed and partially open positions. The Century DesignTM by The Bleacherman is an innovative, continuous footboard system that protects the seating understructure from damage. The "no sag" system will not sag in any configuration and is available for seat-level and foot-level aisles. The footboard support system and wheels, coupled to the foot extensions, travel continuously on the seat boards and seat-level aisle, supporting the understructure in all positions. A 20-year warranty for understructure and motors includes labor and materials.

M.A.R.S./Bleacherman: 800-628-1332

Colorful Seats

Vantage Products International offers its new colored, powder-coated benches and bleachers. The 10-inch-wide seat planks and backs have a uniform, durable, high-quality and attractive finish. Available in two-, three-, four- and five-row models, 15 feet long. The four- and five-row bleachers include chain-link system guardrail and risers above seat row four. Bleachers meet requirements of NFPA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. All benches and bleachers have a 24-hour quick-ship guarantee.

Vantage Products International: 800-244-4457

Silver Seats

Southern Bleacher sets the standard with its galvanized-steel frame-type bleachers. Silver Edition units are available in five-, 10- and 15-row elevated units and in five-, 10- and 15-row nonelevated units. Each model starts at 21 feet and can be lengthened at six-foot increments. The bleachers provide code-compliant aisles to allow spectators to move throughout the bleacher with ease. In addition, the units also address spectators in wheelchairs. Southern Bleacher's superior workmanship is your solid investment. Call its knowledgeable sales team.

Southern Bleacher Co.: 800-433-0912