Light Work

Lumastrobe Warning Lights is a leading innovator in the LED (light emitting diode) portable, battery-powered warning-light business. These products include mini flashers (Models M02 and LX-18), marshalling wands (Model BT-10), and remote (wireless) controlled emergency lights. All products are designed for quick deployment and activation. A line of xenon strobes, halogen rotators and the min light bars complete Lumastrobe's product mix.

Lumastrobe Warning Lights: 201-444-0600

Popular Bands

MedTech Wristbands is one of the world's largest manufacturers of wristbands. Customized wristbands are an effective sales and marketing tool. Printing your logo, message, Web site and contact information can maximize your return on investment. MedTech customers are amazed at the fast custom printing and vast selection of wristbands. MedTech's high-quality wristbands can be used for admission and re-entry, group identification, security, special events, and other applications.

MedTech Wristbands: 800-361-1259

Stop Unwanted Traffic

Secure your property with aesthetically pleasing bollards and planters that provide years of beautiful service. Durable, reinforced concrete planters and bollards offer maximum security and protection against unwanted traffic when strategically placed around buildings, parking garages, lots and any location that vehicle and crowd control is needed. Exposed aggregates and sandblasted finishes are available in many colors, and the design team is available to assist clients with their decision process. Additional features include removable bollards and custom design capabilities.

Petersen Manufacturing: 800-832-7383