Attractive Trash

United Receptacles has made its popular galvanized steel Street Basket available in two new colors. In addition to the galvanized, black and moss-green models, it now is offered in blue and red with the same durable powder-coated finish. This tried-and-true model is designed to withstand constant use and harsh weather conditions. The tapered bottom enables the receptacles to stack inside each other for easy storage. With a 45-gallon capacity and see-through design, it is effective for city streets, parks, beaches and other high-traffic areas.

United Receptacle: 800-233-0314

Clear the Cloudy Away

SeaKlear® new Natural Clarifier naturally clarifies cloudy pool water, removes excess oils and lotions to prevent scum, and improves filter efficiency by suspending particles on the filter media surface without clogging, making filters quicker and easier to clean. The unit is an effective and reliable product that is safe to use with all sanitizers (even ozone and mineral ionizers). SeaKlear® Natural Clarifier is truly natural, with no thickeners added, so it will not harm animals, plants or fish. It is part of the proven family of reliable SeaKlear® water treatment solutions to keep your pools clear and clean.

Vanson-Halosource: 888-282-6766

Pool Water Monitor

Pool test specialist Palintest has developed an easy-to-use, multi-parameter photometer for simple, routine monitoring of spa and pool water. The state-of-the-art photometer measures disinfection control and pH electronically and is an affordable, accurate alternative to test strips and visual color blocks. Unlike conventional systems, results are not dependent on personal visual judgment or lighting conditions, and there are no powders or liquids to spill. The tests are based on long-life, foil-packed reagent tablets conveniently stored along with two test tubes and a crushing stick within the instrument. The tests are safe and easy to handle and simple to perform.

Palintest USA: 800-835-9629