Covering All Surfaces

Beynon Sports Surfaces, Inc. (BSS) is a manufacturer, designer and installer of premium polyurethane athletic surfacing. Founder John Beynon, the same man that introduced Martin Surfacing. Inc., has been manufacturing and installing poured-in-place polyurethane athletic surfacing for 35 years. BSS manufactures a full range of IAAF-certified track surfaces and indoor gymnasium and field house surfaces that have lower maintenance costs and longer life cycles than the alternative sheet goods.

Beynon Sports Surfaces, Inc.: 410-771-9473

Save Your Sidelines

CoverSports USA's FieldSaverTM football sideline cover can save your sideline turf—whether it's natural or artificial. Its durable polypropylene fiber allows for passage of air and water, and its heavy-duty construction is so tough (16 oz/sy), any football team can walk on it. Five stock sizes are available from 14 feet by 50 feet to 14 feet by 150 feet, or custom sizes can be made to your requirements. Additionally, school names and logos can be imprinted.

CoverSports USA: 800-445-6680

Rooftop Solution

Nordot® Outdoor Adhesive can be applied with a squeegee to a rooftop surface so that artificial turf can be bonded to it. Once complete, the artificial turf surface can be used as a playground, sport or other recreational purpose. Nordot® Outdoor Adhesive is a critical component for these types of installations because it can be applied under variable and adverse weather conditions. Plus, it has proven long-term exterior durability.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 908-233-6803

Colorful Courts

The ColorPlus system from SportMaster is an innovative product for tennis court surfacing. The system consists of a 100-percent Acrylic Neutral Concentrate (available with or without sand) and the ColorPlus Pigment Dispersion. Only two gallons of ColorPlus Pigment are needed to color an entire 30-gallon container of Neutral Concentrate. As a result, the ColorPlus system provides superior inventory management and control. By stocking a single base product, contractors can optimize warehouse space and reduce shipping costs. Contractors simply maintain a minimal level of ColorPlus Pigment in one-gallon pails. When needed, one-gallon pails of ColorPlus can be shipped quickly and inexpensively.

SportMaster: 800-395-7325

Tough Grass

SeaIsle1 is similar in texture and wear tolerance to hybrid Bermudas but offers a number of important advantages. It can handle multiple stresses including prolonged drought, high salt levels, water logging, and extremely high or low soil pH levels. SeaIsle1 can tolerate most types of alternate water sources, such as wastewater, effluent, gray water and brackish. It requires less irrigating, less N and only minimal pesticide applications when compared to other warm-season cultivars. It also handles cloudy conditions and the low-light intensity of domed stadiums.

SeaIsle1: 706-542-5640

Add Color and Safety

VersaCourtTM is an effective way to add color and safety to any type of recreational surface. This innovative athletic court and flooring system incorporates the most recent advancements in technology to ensure a comfortable and safe surface. VersaCourt'sTM absorbing nature and superior surface design delivers safety when jumping and turning in close proximity, while reducing stress impact on joints and lower back. Multi-directional flex technology prevents tile distortion and warping by allowing for expansion and contraction experienced in extreme temperature changes. VersaCourtTM is used for family fun and organized sports such as basketball, tennis, volleyball and a dozen other sports.

VersaSport International: 800-540-4899

High Traffic

Colbond's Enkamat Plus is an innovative product that provides maximum protection for natural turf fields in the most high-traffic areas—on the sidelines during football and soccer games and around the batting cages and fungo areas at baseball practices. Enkamat Plus won't crush or suffocate the grass, and the open structure of the mat allows rain (and other liquids) to flow through, keeping grass blades intact and protecting the field from unwanted downtime. Enkamat Plus is effective for multiuse and professionally maintained fields.

Colbond Inc.: 800-365-7391

A Better Bermuda

If you're involved with the installation or day-to-day care and maintenance of sports and recreation fields, you'll appreciate how certified TifSport compares to many other older bermuda grass varieties in use today. TifSport offers closer mowing heights, upright leaf orientation, superior turf density and impressive leaf texture. The dark-green TifSport has a vigorous root system and is also drought-tough, cold-tolerant and pest-resistant. It offers good lateral growth and superior sod strength as well as high-traffic tolerance.

TifSport: 706-542-5640