On the Field

WeatherBeater® baseball and softball field covers are made of durable, lightweight materials and are custom-fit to your field. They help eliminate game cancellations and contain UV stabilizers. Made in the United States with only domestic products, WeatherBeater® covers come in a wide variety of colors with logo printing available. They also carry a three-year warranty on workmanship and materials and come with complete deployment and removal instructions, with easy space-saving storage cores and covers available as well.

Colorado Lining International: 800-524-8672

Like Natural Grass

FieldTurf's innovative Engineered System replicates a natural grass surface, but offers the durability and cost benefits of synthetic fields. FieldTurf doesn't rely on an underlying shock pad for resilience and player comfort. Like its natural grass cousin, Field Turf's grass fibers are surrounded and stabilized by FieldTurf's patented mixture of smooth, rounded silica sand and rubber granules. FieldTurf, widely praised by coaches, players and owners because of its forgiving nature, durability and grass-like play for football, has been installed on more than 1,300 pitches worldwide. Unlike some competing systems, FieldTurf has several pitches in continuous use for almost a decade

FieldTurf Inc.: 800-724-2969

No Watering Necessary

WOW Playgrounds offers a new line of artificial grass called PlayGrassTM , a synthetic turf product. Designed for both playground and resilient surface applications. PlayGrassTM provides all the features of grass without the hassle. Highly durable, safe and clean, it meets playground safety standards. When combined with a proper infill system of supplemental padding, you can achieve fall heights of up to 9 feet for your children's play area. There are no grass stains, mud puddles after the rain or risk of allergies flaring up while children play on the surface. Plus, it needs no watering, fertilizing or cutting.

WOW Playgrounds: 866-WOW-PLAY (969-7529)

Ready for Rubber

TotTurfTM is a leading poured-in-place, rubberized playground safety surface. It is IPEMA-certified; meets all ADA, ASTM and USCP compliance standards; and offers an array of color and design options such as WaterPlay pads, Talkin' TotTurf and GreenGrass synthetic turf. TotTurfTM is manufactured, sold and installed only by Robertson Industries, Inc., to ensure the highest quality product for the safety of your children's playgrounds.

Robertson Industries, Inc.: 800-858-0519

Synthetic System

Sprinturf is a leading U.S. manufacturer and installer of synthetic turf products for athletic fields, playgrounds, golf and landscaping. UltrabladeTM , the centerpiece of the Sprinturf system, is a groundbreaking fiber that combines characteristics of soft pliable fibers with unparalleled strength and durability, offering superior value to customers. Join elite teams from around the world like the Philadelphia Eagles, DC United, the Irish National Rugby team, undefeated Auburn University, six-time national champion Voldosta High School and hundreds of others that play on one of Sprinturf's patented synthetic turf systems.

Sprinturf: 877-686-8873

How Does Your Grass Grow?

Used on sports fields around the world, the EvergreenTM turf blanket from Covermaster Inc. enhances and accelerates growth of grass. Effective to assure earlier green-up in the spring, EvergreenTM promotes deeper, healthier root development for all types of grasses and provides protection against winter kill and desiccation. You also can use EvergreenTM during construction of new fields or repairs to existing ones because it accelerates seed germination. The latter is also an advantage with time-limited repairs of heavy-wear areas. Based on the greenhouse principle, EvergreenTM allows grass to breathe, while it retains the right amount of natural heat and moisture.

Covermaster Inc.: 800-387-5808

Loose Fill

IMC is a manufacturer of loose fill rubber playground surfacing. Choose from various rubber products and colors to fit your needs for surfacing and your budget. The two main lines, Rubberific Mulch and NuPlay, are ADA-compliant with superior head-impact ratings. Rubberific Mulch is a tire buffing, which is shaped to resemble the shaved look of wood mulch. NuPlay is a rubber nugget material capable of taking a fall of up to 13 feet, with only a depth of 6 inches.

International Mulch: 866-936-8524

Fields of Fibers

A-turf sets a standard in the synthetic grass industry. Featuring a denser construction of polyethylene fibers than many in the business, A-Turf simulates natural grass at its best. A-Turf's fields, like the Premier-RSTM , are installed with specialized rubber and sand infill to a level that keeps the fiber strands upright, delivering superior playability. The increased fiber weight of A-Turf synthetic grass, along with a commitment to quality in every component, ensures maximum durability. Designed to withstand year-round activity, A-Turf creates an effective surface for football, soccer, filed hockey and more. The optional Regupol®‚ underpad provides superior shock-absorption.

A-Turf: 888-777-6910