Locker Longevity

For more than 74 years, DeBourgh Mfg. Co. has offered some of the finest quality athletic locker storage systems available anywhere. DeBourgh set an industry standard in athletic lockers in 1931 when it produced one of the first fully framed, fully welded lockers for the University of Minnesota—lockers that are still in use today. These lockers may cost more upfront, but once life-cycle costs are taken into consideration, you'll see that DeBourgh All-American lockers provide top value for your purchase price.

DeBourgh Mfg. Co.: 800-328-8829

Smart Security

Keyless Smarte Locke® electronic lockers by Smarte Locke, Inc. offer superior security, administrative and customer service features, such as biometric or coded access, credit card or cash locker rental, and multiple entry with one rental payment. These lockers allow your guests to enjoy their day.

Smarte Carte, Inc.: 800-838-0807

Privacy Please

Manufactured from rugged 1-inch-thick polypropylene material, Hadrian's solid plastic toilet partitions are an ideal choice for high-abuse facilities, such as schools, stadiums, parks and airports. Hadrian's polypropylene units allow most graffiti to be removed without leaving an unsightly "ghost" behind. Available in headrail-braced, ceiling-hung and floor-to-ceiling configurations, Hadrian's solid plastic is engineered to stand strong and overcome abuse. It will not delaminate, dent, flake, crack, rust or break. With reliable lead times, exceptional shipping programs and one of the industry's best warranties, Hadrian's solid plastic toilet partitions are a great value.

Hadrian Manufacturing Inc.: 905-333-0300

Build a Solid Reputation

With more than 15 years of experience providing products and services to fitness clubs, Club Resource GroupTM (CRG) and MultiSpace Lockers have earned a reputation for helping recreation facilities build an environment in which they can prosper. From pre-sale enrollment programs to reception area furniture design, CRG gets your facility started on the right foot. The MultiSpace® locker systems offer wide flexibility. Choose from high-pressure laminate, natural wood veneer, solid wood raised panel, veneer raised panel, solid wood louvered phenolic, solid plastic lockers, grooming stations, towel stations, benches and finished materials to complete your installation.

Club Resource Group: 909-881-6193

Put Some Cork in It

Roppe Corporation, a leading supplier of commercial rubber and vinyl flooring products and accessories, has added a solid vinyl tile to its SafeTcork product line, which provides added safety against slip hazards. SafeTcork products, available in rubber and vinyl, contain a cork content that improves slip-resistance by 20 percent, making it ideal for interior use in high-traffic areas where moisture can be dangerous. An EcoEffect product, SafeTcork is manufactured using post-industrial waste cork, a renewable resource, and can contribute to the LEED® Green Building Certification System. Choose from six of Roppe's most popular colors with a coordinating white marbled design.

Roppe Corporation: 800-537-9527

Hot Spot

Finlandia Sauna has manufactured authentic saunas since 1964, and you can count on the custom craftsmanship and superior quality. Finlandia offers a wide range of affordable pre-cut sauna packages, custom sauna packages and modular sauna rooms that can be included in any fitness center remodel or new construction. Choose from a selection of four all-clear, western softwoods, with true 1-inch-by-4-inch paneling in every sauna. Other companies now use 1/2-inch-by-4-inch material. Superior electric sauna heaters are imported from Finland, and an assortment of etched glass designs and authentic sauna accessories are available.

Finlandia Sauna: 800-354-3342

Guard Against Abuse

Order a kit from Bobrick to test the durability of its Sierra Series solid color reinforced composite (SCRC) toilet partitions vs. solid plastic. Engineered for heavy-use and abuse recreation facility washroom and locker room environments, SCRC provides superior non-ghosting graffiti removal as well as scratch- and impact-resistance. Recreation facility managers can order a free test kit containing materials samples, marker pen, graffiti remover, wipe and sharp-edged key to conduct their own comparison. Sierra Series toilet partitions, urinal screens, shower dividers and dressing compartments are moisture-resistant and effective for installation adjacent to swimming pools and showers, and where hose-down maintenance is conducted.

Bobrick: 800-553-1600

Unique Urinals

Waterfree urinals reduce costs, save water and provide cleaner restrooms. The Falcon Waterfree urinal is an innovative system that saves an annual average of 40,000 gallons per urinal. Without flush valves, plumbing repairs and emergencies are eliminated. Waterfree urinals are more hygienic and resistant to vandalism than flush urinals. Five models are available that earn LEED points. Falcon Waterfree urinals are in use around the world, in stadiums and arenas, schools and universities, airports, and all types of commercial and institutional facilities.

Falcon Waterfree Technologies: 616-954-3570