Fail-Proof Fountain

The Haws Model HWBFA8.VRC is a vandal-resistant, barrier-free, wall-mounted, self-contained, 7.7-gph electric water cooler. It's effective for severe-use commercial, industrial and institutional applications and features a 14-gauge satin-finish stainless-steel cabinet with integral basin. Hidden and tamper-resistant fasteners are used throughout. Cooling vents feature small slots, not louvers, with welded steel mesh behind them to minimize tampering.

Haws Corporation: 888-640-4297

Touch-Free Flushing

The Intelli-FlushTM retrofit sensor technology for Sloan Flushmate® pressure-assist systems permits touchless sensor operation for increased hygiene in any application and is one of the only sensor-operated, pressure-assist systems available. Intelli-FlushTM is suited for healthcare facilities, public restrooms or any facility where hygiene and physical limitations are a concern. The touch-free flush feature eliminates the need for physical contact, creating a cleaner environment. The unit installs in less than five minutes and uses a proven technology to actuate the flushing system. Backed by a three-year warranty, the battery-operated Intelli-FlushTM retrofit ensures Flushmate® toilets are always flushed, clean, odor-free and presentable.

Sloan Flushmate: 800-580-7141

A Shower With Power

Bradley's Pivoting Wall Shower has an innovative hinge for easy access to components, saving time on installation and maintenance. All three models have Bradley's exclusive Equa-Flo pressure balancing valve and an adjustable showerhead. ADA-compliant units, a hand-held sprayer and a 24-inch slide bar are also available. The units are shipped pre-assembled.

Bradley Corporation: 800-BRADLEY (272-3539)

Lose the Keys

American Locker offers the new REL keyless electronic locker system. Transform your coin-operated lockers into a keyless electronic locker system with this retrofit system. A friendly, intuitive electronic locker system guides users step-by-step with a flashing light prompt. The proprietary REL Electronic Lock uses a token operation along with a four-digit code for multi-day use. With a keypad at each door, there are no long rental lines.

American Locker Security Systems, Inc.: 800-828-9118

Rolls of Steel

The Royce Rolls Ringer Company, producers of high-quality housekeeping equipment since 1925, offers stainless-steel restroom equipment as well. The most popular of these fixtures is the line of toilet paper dispensers. Available to accommodate one, two, three or four rolls, the dispensers are easy to install, clean and refill. Made with an 18-gauge, type 304 stainless-steel frame, they resist dents, scratches and even rust. All products are guaranteed for 10 years.

Royce Rolls Ringer Company: 800-253-9638

Clean up Your Act

Do your locker room dispensers have mispositioned labels, damaged dispenser pump tops as well as water-contaminated and smelly shampoo and bath gel? One of the industry's best dispensers is now theft- and tamper-resistant. Easy-to-refill 32-ounce bottles are available with stock or custom silk-screened logos, which will look new for years. The incredibly durable pump tops mean you'll have to replace them less often. Ready Care Industries also offers many other theft- and tamper-proof solutions.

Ready Care Industries: 800-477-4283

Get a Whiff of This

AromaFlo®, an essential oil delivery system designed for commercial steam rooms, may be installed on new or existing MrSteam and other compatible commercial steam generators. It is UL-listed and CE-approved and includes an electronic flow control, essential oil injector, hoses, connections, and an oil atomizer, for use with aromatic oils such as eucalyptus and lavender.

Sussman Lifestyle Group: 800-76-STEAM (767-8326)

It's on the Wall

FrpDesign Solutions is a family of decorative frp wall panels that provides an alternative to traditional wall coverings for front room applications. The frpDesign Solutions Glasbord® panel completes the one-stop wall panel project. It's moisture-resistant and doesn't support mold or mildew, it's easy to clean with a Surfaseal® protective finish, it's durable and resists impacts and abrasions, and it's easy to install and maintain.

Kemlite Company, Inc.: 800-435-0080