Station System

The Hygenic Corporation, a leading manufacturer of progressive exercise equipment, introduces one of the first exercise stations combining progressive strength, balance and flexibility training into one convenient system for fitness and therapy. Made of high-impact, light-weight polyethylene, it has six connectors for the tubing supplied in three resistance levels and three lengths. It also comes with an exercise bar, two handles and two Thera-Band AssistTM attachment straps. The center cavity acts as a stable base for most sizes of exercise balls and Thera-Band balance products. A color poster with 24 exercises is included.

The Hygenic Corporation: 800-321-2135

Flexible and Functional

A leader in functional exercise equipment, efi Sports Medicine offers the Power TowerTM , an electronic unit that allows for a change in resistance during an exercise in progress without interruption of movement. The Power TowerTM provides a more comfortable experience for the patient, few transitions and a more cohesive exercise session. Featuring an innovative dynamic pulley system that adjusts to a patient's girth and height to allow for optimum force angles, as well as a free-motion glideboard, the Power TowerTM enables movement in all planes of motion.

efi Sports Medicine: 800-541-4900

Lift Them up Anywhere

The new Ascension Virtuoso Portable Wheelchair Lift is an effective choice for school stages and platforms. You can use it whenever, wherever you need it, in auditoriums, multipurpose rooms, cafetoriums, gymnasiums, performing arts centers and more. One lift serves multiple locations. No installation is necessary, and you can save floor space and eliminate the need for ramps. It has improved outdoor use and can be compressed to fit through 36-inch doorways. It's easy to move; provides superior performance; plugs into a 120-volt outlet; and is quiet, attractive, safe, durable and ADA-compliant.

Ascension, a division of AGM: 800-459-0400

Mission Possible

Bankshot Sports Inc. was not established with a motive of profit but because the founders recognized and understood that important needs of sports-minded and physically challenged youngsters were being neglected, disregarded or ignored. Bankshot Basketball is arranged such that players proceed along a course of increasingly difficult trick shots for points scored by banking a regulation basketball off brightly colored and maddeningly difficult bank boards and into a traditional basketball goal. After the success of Bankshot Basketball, with about 250 courts around the world, Bankshot Tennis, Bankshot Baseball Pitch and Toss, and Bankshot Tri-Sport were introduced.

The Bankshot Organization: 800-933-0140

Need a Lift?

The Traveler is one of the industry's most affordable battery-powered Swim-Lifts®. It complies with ADA and ABA regulations and laws that have been written specifically related to accessibility to recreational facilities. The Traveler incorporates the same strength, operation and performance features that are associated with the industry's most popular lifts—the Gallatin Lolo and Elkhorn, all of which are part of Spectrum's Swim-Lift family. Recreation facility patrons who may experience difficulty entering or exiting a swimming pool or spa are afforded complete independence with the Traveler Swim-Lift®.

Spectrum Aquatics: 800-791-8056

One for All

The Pro GymCTTM delivers maximum activity in a minimal space. This compact fitness center is effective for commercial and recreational use, and wheelchair access ensures that all users can benefit. Exercise activities include a vertical chest press, butterfly, lat pull down, leg extension, standing leg curl and low pulley. Also included is a cardio station with the 300 series hand cycle and stand. Manufactured from 11-gauge tubular steel, the unit offers many years of uninterrupted activity and performance. It comes with a five-year warranty on all moving parts and a 20-year warranty on the frame. Endorphin products are ADA-compliant.

Endorphin Corporation: 800-940-9844

Cheers for the Band

An easy way to exercise is with 4-foot pre-cut lengths of REP Band® Resistive Exercise Band. Each pack includes three progressive resistance levels, plus a multilingual exercise guide. REP Band Resistive Exercise Bands are an affordable option for gaining strength and increasing endurance. They can be used to simulate sport-specific exercise, activities of daily living or work-related strengthening positions. With increasing concerns over latex allergies, REP Band provides a latex-free alternative for resistive exercise products, formulated with the same elasticity as latex brands. REP Band also carries tubing and loops as alternatives to the band.

OPTP: 800-367-7393

Ways to Get Wet

You can take an extra step for your clients by enhancing your pool's access with AquaTrek, a practical and dignified solution that goes above and beyond just a pool-lift system. The AquaTrek Ladders, Steps and Ramps are custom-designed for every individual facility and are manufactured to meet the specific demands of the commercial aquatic environment. Unlike other walk-in pool entry systems, the AquaTrek system provides forward entry and exit from the pool. Distinct from other entry systems, AquaTrek also offers options of small distances between steps that guarantee a therapeutic system.

Rehab Systems: 800-726-8620