Curves Ahead

Classic Recreation Systems, Inc. offers a line of steel shelters with functional yet attractive roofs that are custom-curved using the Curveline process. Designed to provide an aesthetic, cost-effective alternative to site-built structures, the "Colorado" curved-roof shelters come in 10 standard sizes ranging from 8 feet to 50 feet in width and in any length. Custom sizes also are available. Curveline can curve the roofing panels to virtually any desired radii to meet design requirements. The frames and roofing are prefabricated for fast and easy final assembly at the project site, using hidden bolt connections.

Classic Recreation Systems, Inc.: 800-697-2195

Paint Anywhere

Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker introduces the Model EZ-70 Stow-n-Go field marker. Tru Mark incorporated its floating paint shoe technology for crisp field lines on a three wheel steel chassis for durability and control, even when painting curved lines and in close quarters. The EZ-70's walk-behind compact design with ergonomic folding handbar assembly ensures lightweight mobility. This new field marker integrates easy operations and maintenance capabilities with a removable five-gallon paint tank and 12-volt sealed battery and an industrial-strength 12-volt diaphragm pump.

Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker: 800-553-6275

Build Beautiful Walls

Versa-Lok is one of the industry's only solid, pinned segmental retaining wall system, offering unequalled design versatility and ease of installation. Versa-Lok is available in standard split-face and weathered textures and readily accommodates soil reinforcement to build walls to 50 feet or higher.

Versa-Lok Retaining Wall Systems:: 800-770-4525

Mats Matter

Do you ever think about the types of mats in your facility? Are they thick, cushiony and warm? Do they lay flat as soon as they're unrolled? Does the foam immediately bounce back or does it leave an impression? The types of mats you have are just as important to a workout as any piece of equipment, and they often are overlooked. Power Systems offers an extensive variety of mats for Pilates, yoga, general fitness, floor work and stretching. They lay flat immediately, retain their shape, and can be hand-washed or wiped down with an antibacterial cloth to insure cleanliness.

Power Systems: 800-321-6975

The Most Strands

Dynamo Industries' lab of creative engineers never stops coming up with creative ideas to support today's playground industry demands. Just when they thought they had pushed the envelope with 168 strands of steel cable and aluminum connectors crushed in place with 75 tons of pressure, the Dynamo designers have gone even further with their most recent innovation: "the world's first and only luminescent cable for the industry's strongest and best PlaynetTM climber." And remember, "it's what is on the inside that counts."

Dynamo Industries, Inc: 800-790-0034

Tread Together

Musson offers the Uno-Tred, a one-piece tread and riser combination made of solid rubber. The clean look is achieved because there is no separation between tread and riser, making them a viable option for both designers and architects. Solid rubber for long wear and circular raised discs for traction add to their desirability. This new look is complimented with the 24-inch-by-14-inch Uno-Tile. Choose from 25 designer colors for any application.

Musson Rubber: 800-321-2381

See-Through Safety

In the event of an emergency, knowing where, and having access to an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) can be a matter of life or death. To help meet this need, the new super-tough, see-through polycarbonate cabinet by Safety Technology International, Inc. offers excellent protection as well as immediate access for AED units. This protective cabinet with Select-Alert alarm/strobe (STI-7535AED) allows the AED to be highly visible while guarding against vandalism, either accidental or intentional. The clear cabinet mounts on the wall, enabling it to be stored in a central location. The unit comes with an alarm and super-bright flashing LED.

Safety Technology International, Inc.: 800-888-4784

As Good as Wood

Woodflex sports flooring from Mats Inc. is a multipurpose sports flooring with an attractive wood-grain appearance as well as exceptional underfoot comfort and sound absorption. Woodflex provides outstanding shock absorbency to actually enhance sports performance. With a wear layer that is abrasion-resistant and easy to maintain, Woodflex resists most chemicals and has anti-static and antibacterial properties. Mats Inc. also offers Sportflex, with all the same features as Woodflex, available in orange, blue and green. The colors and textures of each type of flooring complement Sportflex and enable it to be used with Woodflex as an accent border or inlay.

Mats Inc.: 866-968-3996