Get Rolling

Border Patrol Permanent dasher board systems by Athletica have created a standard for inline hockey with superior safety, playability and durability. The innovative design, using aluminum frame construction, provides the durability you need with the maintenance-free properties you expect. Border Patrol offers both indoor and outdoor models, as well as one specifically designed for use outdoors with natural ice (for inline cross-training). Border Patrol also offers RinkPlexTM , a way to enhance your rink facility, allowing a variety of programming, including soccer, volleyball, basketball and more.

Athletica: 800-809-RINK (7465)

Dasher Design

Inline Extreme was the dasher board system chosen by the Amateur Athletic Union for the Inline Jr. Olympics. Inline rinks are available in permanent mount, removable or portable versions and are designed for use for everything from backyards to pro leagues. Each system is customized for your specific needs, including choice of chain-link fencing, netting, Plexiglas or tempered glass. Indoors or out, Rink Systems has the proper facing to meet your needs. As the manufacturer, Rink Systems specializes in providing the system you want and need—and supplies all your accessories as well.

Rink Systems: 800-944-7930

Precision Instrument

Sport Systems Unlimited Corp. is a leading-edge company in the manufacturing and installation of high-quality arena dasher board systems and accessories worldwide. They're made from lightweight structural aluminum extrusions, precision-machined and manufactured to produce high-class, competitively priced arena board systems. The concealed, mechanical fasteners and anodized aluminum extrusions provide a durable, flexible and long-lasting system. Combined with the stainless-steel hardware, this is one of the best systems available.

Sport Systems Unlimited Corp.: 877-778-5911

Snaps for the Surface

Mateflex Modular Surfaces offers a brand-new modular surface for indoor sports. The new tile features a smooth, solid top for basketball, volleyball and inline hockey arenas. It's one of the quickest and easiest modules to snap together or take apart and can be used for either permanent or portable installations. Mateflex works for both new construction and renovating or upgrading existing hard floors. Its design allows it to be easily removed for portable installations or leased facilities. Mateflex is made from a resilient, yet durable polypropylene material and is available in 16 standard colors and custom colors for any need.

Mateflex Modular Surfaces: 800-926-3539

Move Fast

IceCourt specializes in floors for roller sports, with patented surface design features for inline hockey. The Exxess surface is a standard for the highest inline hockey competitions worldwide, including the World Championships of FIRS and the International Ice Hockey Federation, Junior Olympics, Special Olympics, State Wars Hockey, and other top tournaments in the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan. IceCourt is one of the fastest available inline hockey floors, with patented features that enhance puck stability, puck speeds and wheel grip. IceCourt is virtually seamless, with among the strongest tile surfaces against abuse. A 10-year warranty guarantees its legendary flatness.

IceCourt LLC: 800-206-5060