Surface of Champions

PEM Aquatic Matting has been the featured surface at numerous major aquatic events throughout North America over the past two years, including the 2004 U.S. Olympic Swimming Team Trials in Long Beach, Calif.; the 2004 FINA World Swimming Championships in Indianapolis; the 2005 FINA World Aquatic Championships in Montreal; and the 2005 U.S. National Championships in Irvine, Calif. PEM Aquatic Matting is a versatile product used not only on pool decks but also locker rooms, showers, bridges, steps, walkways, decks, ramps, steps, splash play parks and playgrounds. It features a textured slip-resistant surface, porous design and soft PVC construction for safety and comfort.

A-B Associates, Inc.: 800-783-2358

Drinking Fountains

For more than 150 years, Murdock, Inc. has been a benchmark in both the drinking fountain and water hydrant industries. Today, Murdock is leading the industry with new, non-pollutable and SafeWaterTM technology. Call for a complete catalog of all Murdock products. See for yourself why so many architects, city planners, park systems and others specify only "genuine" Murdock products. When you need a drinking fountain or hydrant, specify only a genuine Murdock.

Murdock, Inc.: 800-45-DRINK

Wet Noodles

Noodles throw water in wildly random patters—it's crazy! They cover a 20- to 30-foot-diameter area with little water consumption and are perfect as a centerpiece in your waterpark. The action draws kids into the zone, 15 gpm at 20 psi. No controller is required, and it's perfect for all ages, from toddlers to adults. Everybody loves the action.

Waterworks International: 800-932-3123

Outdoor Exercise Stations

To help individuals incorporate a walking activity into easy daily routines, Playworld Systems Inc., a family-owned business headquartered in Lewisburg, Pa., created LifeTrail, a series of 10 wellness stations installed along existing walking paths, designed to improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility and overall cardio-vascular health. Each station has two activity panels and a third panel providing health information to make the experience educational and reinforce the health benefits of each activity.

Playworld Systems, Inc.: 800-233-8404

Automatic Pool Cleaner

Brock is proud to add the WEDA Automatic Pool Cleaners to its line of high-quality products. The WEDA commercial cleaner is made powerful, rugged, reliable and guaranteed to clean the largest of swimming pools. It's made with cast aluminum pumps, drive units and frames and cast chromium alloy pump impellers filtering up to 19,000 gph water volume.

Brock Enterprises: 800-332-2360

Concrete Structures

The newest structures from CXT Inc. have all the features desired in a restroom. From extended porches to cast-in-rock textures, CXT is pushing the concrete envelope and providing some of the most durable, functional and easy-to-maintain buildings available. The all precise concrete roof and walls provide a durable, vandal-resistant structure that can withstand the most severe conditions. The units are extremely easy to maintain; will not rot, rust or burn; and are impervious to insects eating them. Find out how easy it is to get one of these prefabricated concrete restroom/shower/concession/storage structures.

CXT Inc.: 800-696-5766

Double Down

The Double First Base by AFP Soft Touch® provides fielders and runners their own bases, reducing collisions at first. AFP uses Stay Down® Convertible ground anchors to fit existing 1-inch stakes or 1-1/2-inch sleeves. This model is available with 12-inch spike mounting to adapt to any field. The doubles also come in sets with the Double First, Second Base and Third Base. Bases also are available in the Soft Touch® Double, which eliminates the need to change any anchor system on your playing field. Made of durable, cut-resistant polyurethane, the bases come with a one-year warranty.

AFP Soft Touch: 866-544-2077

Drink in the Nostalgia

Most Dependable Fountains has a new product for Vintage Settings that brings back nostalgic memories of the past. The details on this drinking fountain are intricate with special attention given to the superior quality expected of a Most Dependable Fountain. Made from one-piece weld construction of ANSI 380 aluminum alloy and combined with the Most Dependable Fountains signature standards, the Model 2002 SM (ADA) is ready to be specified.

Most Dependable Fountains, Inc.: 800-552-6331