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Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls now offers an effective way to identify your facility. Choices range from simple informational signs such as mile markers and park identification signage to personalization on park benches. Recycled-plastic lumber is a long-lasting alternative to traditional materials. Because they won't rot or splinter, these high-quality products withstand years of exposure to visitors' use and nature. These signs provide a valuable service for those remote or environmentally sensitive areas where low-impact trail design and reduced maintenance are desired for minimal habitat disturbance.

Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls: 800-338-1438

Precise Spill Control

The innovative Gold Series from Qualite Sports Lighting Inc. features a custom reflector design and engineered external louvered visors that direct the brightest, most efficient light onto the playing field, exactly where you want it, with precise spill control. The system is factory-wired, pre-aimed and pre-assembled for easy installation and light placement accuracy. Qualite's remote ballast, positioned at the bottom of the pole, is standard. Maintenance is simplified, and weight at the top of the pole is reduced. The Gold Series also features Qualite's patented MDS (Maintenance Diagnostic System), allowing for necessary electrical checks from the ground, with power off.

Qualite Sports Lighting Inc.: 800-933-9741