Take Half

SunRamp's new HX series now includes a half pipe. Technically, the HX models are for residential use, but youth groups, YMCAs, camps, military bases and communities also can purchase the inexpensive half pipes. The new HX Mini Ramp is 8 feet wide and comes in 3-foot, 4-foot and 5-foot heights. Budget-friendly pricing enables small groups from coast to coast to get a portable half pipe. Use your half pipe at camp in the summer and then bring it indoors for the winter season.

SunRamp Solutions, Inc.: 877-978-6726

By Skaters for Skaters

Skate Concept parks and plazas are designed by skaters for skaters and constructed using concrete skatepark components manufactured by Barkman Concrete, a concrete manufacturer with 55 years of experience. Limitless concrete options are available for all skatepark configurations: plaza, street, transition and bowl. All Skate Concept products are manufactured to minimum compressive strengths of 6,000 pounds per square inch. Skate Concept offers 100 percent concrete, which means superior quality and excellent durability for maintenance-free, quiet skate parks and skate-friendly plazas.

Barkman Concrete Ltd.: 800-342-2879


Skatewave has introduced Skatewave 3.0—the only skatepark system with interchangeable skate surfaces: TekTrack, RampX or stainless steel. TekTrak-coated steel is super-durable, sound-dampened and corrosion-resistant, and RampX, one of the best phenolic resin skating surfaces in the industry, provides superior wheel traction and compressive strength. The premium 3.0 choice is stainless steel, which is ultra-tough and virtually maintenance-free. The Skatewave 3.0 system lets planners create a huge array of custom-configured obstacles, multi-level platforms and expansive skate plazas. These designs can be reconfigured at any time to provide a new skating experience.

Skatewave: 866-SK8-WAVE (866-758-9283)

Taking Action Sports to the Next Level

All Woodward Ramps and Rails feature Woodward-certified geometry to ensure the best pro-level detailing in angles, transitions, coping, decks and grinding surfaces. With this level of expertise, the product surpasses the competition in product durability, quality, maintenance and design. As quality construction and safety concerns are top priorities for communities looking to install a skatepark, Woodward Ramps and Rails are fitted with stainless-steel tamper-resistant hardware that won't rust or corrode and helps prevent vandalism. An affordable initial purchase price, outstanding durability, secure delivery, quality installation and a customized maintenance program make these ramps and rails one of the best values in modular skatepark equipment.

Playworld Systems, Inc.: 800-233-8404

Precast for Parks

Skate Parks inc. (SPi) is a leading supplier of precast concrete skateparks for inline skaters and skate boarders in North America. As the number of skaters continues to grow, more cities and towns turn to SPi for skatepark solutions. SPi's "Forever Lasting Skate Park" products are made from high-performance concrete, resulting in durable, quiet and low-maintenance skateparks.

Skate Parks, inc.: 781-544-2020

Wave of the Future

Raising the bar, again, Spohn Ranch, Inc. offers its new HD Series line of action sports equipment. Featuring a hot-dip galvanized angular steel structure with bolt-through fasteners, complete with a high-density layer of phenolic surfacing thicker than many in the business, HD is a wave of the future. This equipment is among the most durable products yet from the innovators in skatepark construction. It requires virtually no maintenance, making it a hands-down choice of recreation professionals worldwide.

Spohn Ranch, Inc.: 877-489-3539

Scat, Skaters

Don't unintentionally make your next building, school or open-space project a skatepark. Use SkateStoppers® skate deterrents. SkateStoppers® are one of the world's best-selling skate deterrents. Choose from a complete line of deterrents, which use a range of manufacturing technologies and materials to meet all application and budget requirements.

SkateStoppers: 619-447-6374

Skate Security

EPD manufactures Boardloch® brand storage and security products for skateboards and kick scooters. The goal is to not only provide products that are durable, safe and cost-effective but also provide an alternative to simply banning skateboards and scooters because of a lack of readily available storage and security solutions. Boardloch® products offers a safe, durable and cost-effective place for storing and securing skateboards and scooters when they're not being used or are restricted from certain areas. The Genesis 5 rack depicted secures up to five skateboards and/or scooters by using common padlocks. Several color options are available.

Elite Products and Design: 888-273-5624