Sports Caps

Poly-cap has been designed with both the players and the fans in mind. The economically priced Poly-Cap covers the sharp barbs that can cause injuries and improves the appearance of any field. Now available in both bright yellow and forest green, Poly-Cap features a patented UV-protection and is backed by a two-year warranty. A Poly-Cap installer tool is available, which dramatically reduces installation time.

M.A.S.A. Products: 800-264-4519

Outdoor Batting Cage

The Beacon Outdoor Batting Cage is a cost-effective, yet heavy-duty system. Beacon batting cages are made from the same heavy, galvanized steel pipe used to build backstops. Offset units drop into posts, and pre-sized steel cables support Beacon's own cage nets made with extra-heavy end panels and lead rope bottom hems. Single or multiple units are available in standard or customized sizes. Add the innovative multi-station sock net option for tee and soft toss work.

Beacon Athletics: 800-747-5985

Net Worth

Quick setup, easy adjustment, rugged construction and innovative engineering are the hallmarks of Schelde volleyball net systems. Used by world-class health clubs and athletic facilities and by top collegiate and high school programs, Schelde volleyball net systems feature high-tensile-strength Tecton duraluminum posts, knotless pre-tensioned nets, four-point net attachment for consistent net tension and easy setup by one person in only five minutes. Its Collegiate 4000 System (pictured) allows you to accommodate a variety of net heights and net sports (volleyball, tennis, badminton) with a few easy adjustments. It fits nearly any make or model of floor sleeve.

Schelde North America: 888-SCHELDE (724-3533)

Backstops and More

Draper, Inc. has expanded its offering of outdoor sports equipment. Draper now offers 10 different outdoor basketball backstops, including both stationary and height-adjustable units, and back-to-back backstop systems. Draper stocks outdoor backstops, including a variety of rim and backboard choices, so orders can be filled immediately through a Draper dealer. In addition, Draper offers official-size high school and collegiate football goalposts; soccer goalposts and nets for youth, club and official levels of play; field hockey goals; and lacrosse goals.

Draper, Inc.: 800-238-7999

Athletic Facility Products

Gill Athletics is one of the world's largest manufacturers of outdoor construction-related athletic facility products. Since 1918, Gill Athletics has been designing and building products that make the staging of athletic events safer, more exact and more expeditious. The engineering staff has gone to pain-staking lengths to design products that are not only among the finest in the industry but also some of the easiest for design and construction professionals to use. The 2006 catalog is filled with a host of new products, which have been developed to meet the ever-changing needs of those involved with athletic facility design.

Gill Athletics: 800-637-3090

Training Tool

GLSports offers cutting-edge weight-room technology for improving speed, agility, quickness and vertical jump height. The Jump Trainer combines a trainer, a workout and competition. It can fit into the smallest corner of any weight room and into any budget. The Jump Trainer challenges athletes to outperform themselves and their peers. Train 30 athletes in one hour with 48 speed, power and endurance workouts. The Jump Trainer technology records and ranks each athlete's performance automatically. Performance reports can identify the hardest-working athletes, top performers and most-improved. It also can monitor attendance for multiple sports and physical-education classes.

Greg Larson Sports: 800-950-3320

Team Sports Products

Vantage Products International in Memphis, Tenn., has expanded its new 2004 catalog to include the most sought-after products in team sports. VPI offers baseball, soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, benches/bleachers and more, all available for "24-Hour Quick Shipping." Vantage Products' exceptional product values make it the #1 supplier in the industry. Please call toll-free for a free catalog or more information.

Vantage Products International: 800-244-4457

Portable Backboard

The Pro-Fold II is designed to be used at multiple levels of competition from biddy ball through heavy recreational use for adults. It is an effective goal support for cross-court applications when additional baskets are needed or where attaching to the ceiling or wall is not practical. Basketball camps, church organizations, tennis clubs and many other facilities find the Pro-Fold II very flexible for their needs. Rim elevation easily adjusts from 6-1/2 feet to 10 feet. The 54-inch-wide reinforced acrylic backboard provides exceptional rigidity when shooting bank shots and lay-ups. The Pro-Fold II is easily portable by just one person.

pro-bound sports: 800-525-8580