Lockers Looking Good

Bradley Corp. offers new color choices for its line of solid plastic Lenox LockersTM . These colors are designed to coordinate with the palette of Terreon® solid-surface products including lavatory systems and wash fountains. In addition to neutrals such as beige, charcoal gray and black, the lockers now can be specified in earthy designer shades like moss, toffee, buttermilk and Caribbean sage, as well as starry night. Lenox LockersTM are formed from one solid piece of polymer resin for durability, and the door and frame color, which never needs to be painted, extends through the entire thickness of the locker.

Bradley Corporation: 800-BRADLEY (272-3539)

A Softer Seat

Cushion Seat, Inc. provides seating solutions to some of the largest stadiums in the country. The patented semi-permanent seat attaches to existing bleachers to provide a more comfortable seat and stays in place with a bracket and bolt system. This seat is great for developing your VIP seating areas without going through a costly renovation. Cushion Seat also offers event rental seats, which is a great way to raise additional revenue. You also can receive a customized solution for your facility needs.

Cushion Seat, Inc.: 877-610-4130

Portable Scoring

Nevco Scoreboard Company offers the new UltraScore portable scoreboard. Lightweight (21 pounds) and battery-powered, UltraScore can be transported easily and set up at any event. At 3 feet wide by 2 feet tall, UltraScore is large enough to be seen clearly from 250 feet or more. It can be used for any game that requires a score, including soccer, football, baseball, softball, basketball, lacrosse and hockey. The carrying handle also functions as a hanger, allowing it to be hung from a fence. The long-life battery lasts for six hours or more on a single charge.

Nevco Scoreboard Company: 800-851-4040

Big-Screen Sports

The P12-ER Lighthouse screen features a 12.5-mm dot pitch and 5,000 nits of brightness. It includes Lighthouse's proven M4 technology, including 14-bit processing, uniformity control and full diagnostic feedback. It allows a stadium crowd to view the brightest colors possible, untarnished by the sunlight, time of day or viewing position. The P12-ER was installed recently at Newcastle stadium, home of the legendary Australian rugby league team, the Newcastle Knights. The high-resolution LED display will relay to fans spectacular, live images of their favorite players in action. They'll also see true-to-life images of instant replays, statistics, player interviews and ads.

Lighthouse Technologies: 888-928-0300

Custom Signs

Maintenance-free signs from Plastic Lumber Company are created from durable recycled plastic and require no maintenance. Each sign is precision computer-routed and tailored to your design specifications. Plastic Lumber Company specializes in custom work.

The Plastic Lumber Company: 800-866-8990

Elegant Signs

Sign-etics is a custom design and manufacturing company specializing in Sandcrafted redwood, granite, limestone and high-density urethane signage. For more than 30 years, Sign-etics has been shipping signs worldwide. All material is hand-selected for quality and durability and then painted with an industrial-grade enamel paint to create an elegant sign that, with proper maintenance, will last a lifetime. Signs arrive ready to assemble and install.

Signetics: 800-776-4152

Pool Safety

The copyrighted No Swimming© Symbol Signs are among the easiest, most cost-efficient and effective protection that authorities can take to prevent tragic drowning accidents. The No Swimming© Symbol Signs can be understood and responded to by all ages. They not only provide a quick, clear and profound warning where the sign is erected, but they also create a danger-identity mental image for constant self-control against swimming in any unsupervised or unauthorized swimming area.

Trisafety Symbol Signs: 225-273-6108