A Show-Stopping Shelter

ICON Shelter Systems, Inc. recently constructed a new shelter at Indian Trails Park in Fort Wayne, Ind. The double-tiered hipped structure measures 54 feet wide by 84 feet long. Its clerestory is enclosed with Lexan® panels that fit into a steel framework bolted to the uprights. The entire steel frame was e-coated and powder-coated for maximum protection against corrosion. E-coat is an electrostatically applied liquid epoxy primer that coats both inside and outside the tube. The roof is made of structural insulated panels pre-cut to fit the shelter, and it's finished with standing seam metal roofing.

ICON Shelter Systems Inc.: 800-748-0985

Easy Canopy Removal

Shade Systems is the only manufacturer of outdoor shade structures that offers the patented Turn-N-Slide® easy canopy removal and re-attachment system. Standard on all Shade Systems frame-supported shade covers, the Turn-N-Slide® makes it easy for even just one person to quickly remove and re-attach the canopy in case of severe storm or winter weather. On playgrounds, sports fields, pool decks and concession areas, it provides an effective solution for harmful sun exposure. This durable and attractive shade product has a 10-year fabric warranty.

Shade Systems Inc.: 800-609-6066

Curves Ahead

Classic Recreation Systems, Inc. offers a line of steel shelters with functional yet attractive roofs that are custom-curved using the Curveline process. Designed to provide an aesthetic, cost-effective alternative to site-built structures, the "Colorado" curved-roof shelters come in 10 standard sizes ranging from 8 feet to 50 feet in width and in any length. Custom sizes also are available. Curveline can curve the roofing panels to virtually any desired radii to meet design requirements. The frames and roofing are prefabricated for fast and easy final assembly at the project site, using hidden bolt connections.

Classic Recreation Systems, Inc.: 800-697-2195

Bring out the Band

RCP Custom Band shells come standard with Glu-lam wood beams and treated wood columns, and they are engineered to local code. The band shells are low-maintenance and vandal-resistant and come in custom sizes. They are built to deter birds and animals from roosting. Common options include Glu-lam treated wood arches, tube steel columns, state-certified drawings, factory stain (beams, deck, fascia) and shingle roofing. You also can choose an increased eave height, overhead picket ornamentation, galvanized connections and galvanized hardware.

RCP Shelters, Inc.: 772-288-3675

Let the Sun Shine In

Creative design opportunities are now possible for your operable skylights and retractable-roof enclosures by combining your innovative ideas with OpenAire's expertise. At the touch of a button, motorized panels retract to open up to 50 percent of the roof (custom operable systems also are available). OpenAire's maintenance-free, thermally broken, aluminum framing systems can span distances of more than 140 feet, while maintaining a maximum deflection of L/180. Glazing options include 1-inch glass or 1-inch quintuple wall polycarbonate. The operable glazed roof and an effective vapor barrier help to make these structures highly energy-efficient.

OpenAire Inc.: 800-267-4877

Custom Design Elements

When the design firm of Harley-Ellis Architects needed someone to engineer and fabricate the new Picnic Grove at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo, it called on Litchfield Landscape Elements, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of prefabricated shelters, pergolas and more. Litchfield produced a custom pavilion that includes two sets of combined square duo-top shelters with staggered eave profiles and custom laser-cut flag poles and a restroom canopy (the restroom enclosure was built by others) with a pergola structure using "I" beam supports. The structure is an easy-to-assemble bolted tubular steel finished with Litchfield's own Litch-Kicker paint finishing system.

Litchfield Landscape Elements: 800-542-5282

Air-Supported Structures

The Farley Group provides design/build, seasonal installations, HVAC and membrane maintenance for its air-supported structures that serve the recreational and industrial industries. The outer membranes are fabricated from architectural-grade PVD, supplied by both domestic and overseas sources, after passing rigorous selection criteria based on laboratory and real-world experiences. The top coatings include PVDF, acrylic/urethane and Tedlar, which feature manufacturer's warranties of up to 15 years. With the Farley Group, you get your choice of materials with detailed explanation on the appropriateness for your individual project. The Farley Group also supplies floor-mounted and hanging lights, remote ballast systems, and more.

The Farley Group: 877-680-4362

Keep Them Cool

Shade Structures of Costa Mesa, Calif., screen the sun but keep the fun. In a recent project at Mulligan's Family Entertainment Center in Murrieta, north of San Diego, a colorful 26-foot-by-26-foot fabric shade structure covers the Tea Cup ride. While providing an attractive focal point, the structure also uses a mesh fabric that allows for cool air circulation, which keeps visitors comfortable and protected from the harsh sun. The powder-coated black steel poles match the adjacent fencing, and the yellow fabric complements the interior of the tea cups.

Shade Structures: 800-507-4233