Imagine That

Recreation Creations, Inc. offers an expanded line of early childhood structures designed especially for the pure imagination of preschool children. These inspired structures with titles like Color Crawl, Barney's Garden and Play Palace are bursting with colorful 3/4-inch-thick tri-molded Poly PanelsTM that RCI guarantees for a lifetime. These fun zones are full of colorful climbers, slides and panels. There's also a Trike Track, a Tot House with flower boxes and shutters—plus creations for water, sand and gardening play. Kids can crawl into the mouth of a big jungle cat or slide down an elephant's trunk. It's an imagination bonanza.

Recreation Creations, Inc.: 800-766-9458

Sports Lighting

Qualite has a single focus: creating better lighting to make a better game. And it taps into 20 years of innovative engineering to do that. Qualite's factory-wired, pre-aimed and pre-assembled systems provide easy on-site assembly with reduced installation costs. Choose the Gold Series, Pro-SeriesTM or International. The systems offer exceptional spill light control with optimum field lighting. Test the complete system with the remote ballast positioned at the bottom of the pole. The systems also come with one of the best 10-year warranties in the industry.

Qualite Sports Lighting: 800-933-9741

Values Online

Why wait for a catalog when you can visit AAE Online ( right now? It's one of the best ways to find up-to-date product information, drawings and current special values. The Quote Tote feature offers you the convenience and flexibility of building a customized list of products that fit both your needs and your budget. Simply submit it to AAE and receive a firm price quote. AAE believes that an automated process cannot generate the competitive pricing and exceptional service that AAE salespeople can.

AAE: 800-523-5471

Water-Powered Lifts

Aquatic Access® Inc. manufactures water-powered lifts, providing access to in-ground and aboveground pools, spas, boats and docks and including several ADA-compliant models. Using customer-provided information on the convenient dimensional worksheet, your lift is adapted to fit your pool and includes all components required for installation in its base price. With the least-expensive shipping in the industry, Aquatic Access offers among the most reasonably priced ADA-compliance available.

Aquatic Access Inc.: 800-325-5438

The Water's Fine

Since 1947, Kiefer has been providing "everything but the water" for swimmers. Kiefer stocks a comprehensive line of aquatics equipment to outfit any pool, team or guard staff, always offering the latest technology at competitive prices. You'll find it all in one place: racing lanes, starting blocks, lifeguard equipment, guard chairs, team outfitting and learn-to-swim items. Look for Kiefer's new side mount TrackStart Starting Platform, effective for pools with bulkheads or limited deck space.

Adolph Kiefer: 800-323-4071

Shady Days

The Poligon catalog offers more than 100 standard designs of shelters, gazebos, pavilions, pergolas and trellises. Poligon, a division of Porter Corp., pre-engineers and manufactures steel-framed shade structures for easy assembly on site. Porter Corp. also offers in-house design and engineering services for custom projects of all sizes and scope. It's no surprise that Poligon continues to be a leader in the shelter market.

Poligon, a division of Porter Corp.: 800-354-7721

Park Products

Litchfield's 12th Edition catalog shows you how you can improve your surroundings with its complete line of park products that are superior in style and durability. This full-color catalog contains some of the most innovatively designed and easy-to-assemble shelters, pergolas, gazebos, pavilions and band shells in the industry. To complement the park structures, Litchfield also offers a complete line of site furnishings including benches, tables, litter receptacles and much more. Litchfield also specializes in custom designs.

Litchfield Landscape Elements: 800-542-5282

Pure Power

The DEL Ozone TrioPureTM sanitation system revolutionizes the swimming pool industry by combining two proven technologies, salt chlorine and ozone, into one powerful swimming pool sanitizing system. This unique synergistic combination of technologies provides additional benefits: increased water quality, low maintenance, inexpensive salt cell replacement cost and 24-hour automatic operation. The TrioPureTM is priced similar to other salt systems, but you get both technologies for the price of one.

Del Ozone: 800-676-1335