Fountain of Innovation

The new Haws 5874 Drinking Fountain Actuator Valve (patent pending) combines the actuator, a system buffer to guard against "water hammer" and a particulate strainer in a single unit. It can be serviced and adjusted from the front of the fountain, with no panel disassembly. The 5874 can be retro-fit into most existing Haws fountains.

Haws Corporation: 888-640-4297

Robotic Ice Cream Machine

Mini Melts most successful launch in 2005 is definitely its state-of-the-art robotic vending machine. With hundreds already serving customers, the machine is truly taking the product to a new level. Locations are varied, from malls to theme parks and even to Home Depot stores. The response is staggering, in most case tripling the sales of other ice cream. This is due to the fantastic graphics and the superior quality of Mini Melts, which assures customers keep coming back.

Mini Melts Inc.: 860-889-7300

Golf Gets Glowing

Adventure Golf Services offers 3-D black-light miniature golf as the latest addition to its mini golf product lineup. The courses include a story line, brilliant graphics, sound effects, interactive obstacles, props and scenes, and 3-D viewing. The first 3-D black-light course opened at the Lazer Zone, a family entertainment center owned by the Chickasaw Nation in Ada, Okla. Here, players begin in a pirate ship harbor battle, with pirate ships firing and burning and sound effects. Approximately 2,400 square feet are necessary for a nine-hole course and 4,800 for an 18-hole course. Courses can be removed at any time.

Adventure Golf Services`: 888-725-4386

Performance and Portability

Taraflex Sports Flooring by Gerflor continues to gain recognition internationally. The Onondaga Nation Arena recently installed a regulation-size National Box Lacrosse size field with more than 16,000 square feet of Taraflex Sport flooring. This provides superior shock-absorption for the high speed and power of lacrosse games. For the winter, the arena's space transitions to an ice rink. All Taraflex synthetic floors are designed for safety and comfort. The multi-layered construction includes 100 percent pure vinyl, a reinforced fiberglass grid and closed-cell foam backing to provide shock-absorption, help fight fatigue and deliver consistent ball bounce.

Taraflex Sports Flooring by Gerflor: 800-727-7505

Hands-Free Faucet

The new AeradaTM 1200 Series CS faucet from Bradley Corp. has capacitive sensing technology for optimal hands-free operation. The new faucet is easy to use and activate, as it instinctively detects a user's presence from any angle of approach. The faucet creates an omni-directional detection zone that surrounds the entire spout, rather than a sensor window commonly used with infrared-controlled faucets. This omni-directional detection zone ensures activation the first time and every time. The capacitive sensing is a breakthrough innovation for touch-free restroom fixtures, and all the faucet's mechanical and electrical components are concealed in a water-resistant housing.

Bradley Corporation: 800-BRADLEY (272-3539)

When Pipes Freeze

General Pipe Cleaners offers two new pipe-thawing machines. The Hot-Shot 320 and Hot-Shot 400 thaw pipes in minutes to eliminate tearing up floors, breaking through walls or digging around pipes in frozen ground. The Hot-Shot 320 generates 320 amps of thawing power to thaw up to 100 feet of 1-1/2-inch pipe, yet weighs just 30 pounds. The powerful Hot-Shot 400 has a dual-level output. With 400 amps of thawing power, it can clear frozen lines up to 175 feet long in 1-1/2-inch diameter lines. It also can be switched down to 320 amps and pull 14 amps.

General Pipe Cleaners: 800-245-6200

Loud and Clear

Wheelock, Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced life safety, security and communications products, now offers Cluster Speakers that feature dual configurations for clearly annunciating various work conditions, emergency or security situations such as OSHA requirements. This can include red for emergency, amber for evacuation, green for all clear or blue for severe weather conditions. They are designed to work with SAFEPATH4 Multi-Function Facility Communications System. They include four STH-15SR horns and one RSS-24MCCH ceiling strobe, no lettering, red plate, and two RSS strobes with either a red, blue, green or amber lens mounted to a NEMA 1 steel enclosure.

Wheelock, Inc.: 800-631-2148

Treadmills Take Leaps

Quantum Fitness has taken a giant leap into the cardiovascular arena with the introduction of the Q3.0 and Q2.5 treadmills. Offering many features previously available only in the highest priced treadmills, the Quantum units are full of extras and at an affordable price. With safety being a primary focus in the design, the treadmills have a 22-inch-by-60-inch walking/running surface and large 2-inch handrails for security, stability and confidence for all types of users, from the novice and deconditioned to the fitness enthusiast. The Quantum Q3.0 offers 30 programs including 12 programmable personal profiles to aid in fitness goal attainment.

Quantum Fitness: 800-937-2282