Fresh Popcorn

Gold Medal Products presents the improved Titan Value Line Popper. This 14-inch by 20-inch popper features the EZ-Kleen kettle, with an easier to clean stainless-steel cook surface, resulting in better tasting popcorn. The Titan also has the twin arm suspension design that Gold Medal poppers are known for, providing optimal conditions for operator safety. Other features include a complete stainless-steel cabinet and removable tempered glass windows for easier cleaning.

Gold Medal Products: 800-543-0862

Hole Story

The Lil' Orbits Model 1200 mini-doughnut machine is an effective addition to any concession operation. Mini doughnuts are inexpensive to produce and offer customers an excellent value. They can be made automatically in front of the public, with the aroma, action and taste making them an instant, profitable hit. Lil' Orbits machines are portable for quick and easy setup and carry a lifetime equipment guarantee. A full line of supplies is available worldwide. Lil' Orbits and Orbie brands are recognized in more than 90 countries.

Lil’ Orbits Inc.: 763-559-7505

Take it on the Road

The CC 1000 Tow-Behind Cooker by Blue Ridge Mountain Cookery operates on LP propane gas or charcoal (with optional charcoal pan). This versatile unit can be used as a roaster, grill, steamer or rotisserie and features more than 10 feet of cooking surface. Stainless-steel components include roller grates, firebox, domes, roasting pan and dual fold-down shelves. Three individually controlled burners maintain temperatures from 170 degrees to 650 degrees Fahrenheit. The CC 1000 arrives fully assembled, and tandem 20# OPD tanks are standard. The trailer body features a powder-coated finish, and all stainless-steel components carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Blue Ridge Mountain Cookery: 800-266-5377

Smoothie Moves

Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed Fruit Smoothie Concentrates meet the USDA 100 percent juice claim and provide more than three servings of fruit per 16-ounce smoothie. These shelf-stable purees are all natural, fat-free, and vitamin- and mineral-fortified and contain no corn syrup. Dr. Smoothie Original blends Smoothie Concentrates are available in 10 delicious flavors. Café Essentials powdered mochas, chai(s) vanilla and latte can be served blended or hot. They're easy to make with minimal employee training necessary. They also offer an appealing POS, equipment and available training. All products can be used in blenders and granita machines.

Dr. Smoothie: 888-466-9941

Link to the Chain

The Subway restaurant chain opened 1,280 new locations around the world from the beginning of July through the end of November 2005. With minimal equipment needs and space requirements that are flexible, Subway restaurants can be found in more than 5,300 nontraditional locations such as amusement parks, college campuses and hospitals. In fact, there are now more than 3,200 Subway restaurants in convenience stores and 800 units in Wal-Mart stores across the globe. Recent openings at stadiums, arenas and park facilities include the Dodge Arena-Hidalgo in Texas and the YMCA-Tacoma in Washington state.

Subway: 800-888-4848

Cup Holders

The Simpli-Flex® 2100 Molded Cabinet cup dispenser is available from Modular‚ Dispensing Systems, a division of Tomlinson Industries. The innovative dispenser is stackable, allowing operators to stack several dispensers on top of each other to accommodate a variety of cup sizes in minimal space. The cabinet can handle 95 percent of cup-dispensing needs. Each cabinet includes a Simpli-Flex® 2000 cup dispenser and three self-adjusting Simpli-Flex® gaskets, allowing you to dispense paper, plastic and foam cups sizes 3-1/2 to 44 ounces from a single dispenser just by changing the gasket. The gasket seals cups from contamination, keeping them dry and sanitary.

Modular Dispensing Systems, a Division of Tomlinson Industries: 216-587-3400

Safe in the Saddle

FoodHandler®, a leading name in gloves and safe food-handling products and programs for the food-service industry, offers the innovative and convenient Rack in the BoxTM , a disposable saddle pack bag rack. Rack in the BoxTM is NSF-certified; safe for food contact; made in clean, inspected plants and durable enough for the toughest tasks. It eliminates the need for cleaning, disinfecting and storing wire racks. It also helps reduce cost by eliminating the need to purchase wire racks for multiple work stations. All racks come pre-loaded with 400 FoodHandler® 6-1/2-inch-by-7-inch saddle pack bags. Each bag is made of high-density polyethylene.

FoodHandler: 800-338-4433

Serving With Know-How

MarketFare Foods' motto, "know-how is our main ingredient,"TM shows. It recently introduced Deli Style Sandwiches under the popular AllStars® brand label. The line includes three tasty sub sandwich varieties: Italian deli trio, ham and turkey club, and the ever-popular ham and cheese. Each sandwich features hearty portions of quality sliced deli meats and cheeses and a soft, split-top sesame-seed roll. Delicious hot or cold, each sandwich comes in packaging with attractive Americana-style graphics to help drive impulse sales. With MarketFare Foods' stringent processing methods and packaging technology, customers are assured of a satisfying deli-style experience in every mouthwatering bite.

MarketFare Foods: 888-669-6420