Crossover Technology

The P-600 is a combination free-weight barbell station and cable-crossover system. Grab & Go® technology allows barbells to be locked/unlocked at the point of release. An embedded touch sensor in the barbell controls the locking mechanism—simply open hands to lock in place instantly. Each cable of the crossover system works from an independent weight stack to perform traditional cable exercises. Crossover weight stacks double as alternative resistance for the barbell, eliminating the need to add weight plates. An optional third weight stack is used for traditional high/low pulley and leg-developer exercises and can be mounted facing front or rear.

ProSpot Fitness: 770-446-9299

Total Body

The new Pro2 Sport from SCIFIT is an effective total-body solution for cardio and strength-training. The compact and versatile Pro2 is ideal for athletes and general fitness enthusiasts. SCIFIT's Iso-Strength program employs isokinetic resistance to provide upper- and lower-body strength and conditioning as well as core development. SCIFIT's innovative bi-directional resistance is great for creating balanced muscle groups and combating muscle fatigue. The Pro2 Sport also features one-button quick start and Polar heart-rate compatibility.

SCIFIT Systems, Inc.: 800-278-3933

The Path to Fitness

Walking is the number-one physical activity for older Americans and recommended by doctors as a way to help lower blood pressure, aid weight loss and strengthen the heart. To help individuals incorporate walking into daily routines, Playworld Systems Inc. created LifeTrail, a series of 10 wellness stations installed along existing walking paths designed to improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health. The stations were developed with the health and safety of users in mind, and grab bars and nonslip treads are installed on appropriate stations. Activities offer two different levels of challenge; five stations offer wheelchair-accessible options.

LifeTrail by Playworld Systems: 800-233-8404

Flooring for Fitness

Fitness Flooring is your total solution to sports flooring for every area of your facility. Whether it's the popular Exerflex group-exercise flooring, the Flecks products, quality Junckers basketball flooring and a host of other products designed specifically for use in fitness, Fitness Flooring has a surface that will fit your needs. Serving the industry for more than 20 years, Fitness Flooring has installations in thousands of facilities across North America. All products have been tested rigorously and are warranted so you can be assured they will perform for years to come.

Fitness Flooring: 800-428-5306

New Treads

Woodway offers a bigger, faster and more versatile series of treadmills. The Pro Series has been reinvented completely with improvements like a wider and longer running track, top speeds of up to 20 mph, and elevation ranges from -3 percent to 22 percent. No matter what your sport or performance training needs are, you'll see how these new treadmills have differentiated themselves even more from conventional treadmills. All of the Woodway treadmills are custom-built to your specific needs and requirements, as always with the patented rubber T-slat surface that makes Woodway the "world's finest treadmill."

Woodway: 800-WOODWAY (966-3929)

Award Winner

Life Fitness, a leading manufacturer a full line of commercial cardiovascular and strength-training equipment, is pleased to announce that its 95Xi elliptical cross-trainer has earned a prestigious 2005 Good Design Award from The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design. The Good Design Award program "publicly acknowledges the world's most prestigious industrial design firms and manufacturers in over 20 countries." according to the museum. Designed for health clubs and fitness facilities, the 95Xi elliptical cross-trainer is the sixth Life Fitness product that has been given a Good Design Award. The 95Xi elliptical cross-trainer combines advanced biomechanics with a cutting-edge industrial design. Ergonomically correct moving arm handles provide a total-body workout, and 30 workouts give health club and fitness facility users lots of exercise variety.

Life Fitness: 800-735-3867

More Buff for Your Buck

Brookdale Medical Specialties Ltd. offers the ResponseTM line of equipment, which features more than 40 models including the R2957 Dual Cable Cross Trainer. The innovative unit includes an adjustable height pulley, 180-degree swivel handles and chin-up bar, with more than 40 exercises and only your imagination to limit its usage. A variety of benches are available to complement the versatility of this superior trainer. The equipment features solid welded frames made from heavy-gauge materials that add to the line's strength and durability.

Brookdale Medical Specialties, Ltd.: 800-665-1155

X Marks the Spot

The latest example of innovation from SportsArt Fitness is the X-Trainer. An all-new total-body workout machine, the X-Trainer combines independent lower- and upper-body resistance, which has been proven to provide better training results than many other cardio products. Rotational handles provide a variety of training options and include fingertip controls for both lower- and upper-body resistance. The state-of-the-art display features advanced programmability, polar heart-rate control and cardio advisor.

SportsArt Fitness: 800-709-1400